Kiev will look for compensation from developers

13.10.2008 00:00
Guide the capital city council will prepare a decision to reduce interest charges developers for the development of social and engineering infrastructure .. said the first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) Anatoly Golubchenko.Eto brought about by changes in building legislation, which set a maximum deduction of developers in the local budgets at 10 % for non-residential structures and 5% - for residential buildings.

Mr Golubchenko believes that the legislative innovations Parliament, signed last week by President Viktor Yushchenko, will deprive the budget of the capital about 1 / 3 of income from property developers. "Well, even if the parliament did not reduce these charges to the proposed Cabinet in August this year, 5% and 3% respectively. However, if it involves only future royalties - is one thing. And if the developers continue to challenge in the courts of our past decisions regarding these amounts, the city will have difficult "- predicts Mr. Golubchenko.

Developers are confident that their shares involved must be reduced by half in Kiev. Note that about 1 billion UAH., According to the KSCA, was to get the metropolitan treasury as a result of growth per unit of participation of developers, city council approved in June

Council members from the Bloc of Vitali Klitschko, a board member of the corporation "XXI Century" Andrew Mirgorodskii believes that the new rules deductions will act only upon receipt of permits for new construction. "The last time rates of deductions developers in Kiev have grown to 20%. Their halving, of course, deprive gorbyudzhet decent amount, but a positive impact on the construction market, which is due to mortgage crisis today is in a difficult situation," - said Mr. Mirgorodskii .

Advisor to the Director "Zhitlobudіnvest UCB Peter Sharafetdinov sure that town-planning and land commission city council must as soon as possible to prepare the appropriate changes in their decisions about mutual participation of developers. City of profitable quickly bring the amount of deductions developers to rules established by law than to litigate with developers and did not receive anything in the budget ", - said Mr. Sharafetdinov. According to him, in Kiev for developers power acted unfairly - charged considerable contributions to the engineering infrastructure, and demanded his own expense to build liner water supply, sewerage, elektropodvodki to your building site. "Although the developer must only fund the creation of inter-networks - the director of" Zhitlobudіnvest UCB. "- Reduced interest payments and the introduction of fair mechanisms for their collection can attract more construction companies in the construction market in Kiev, and reduce the cost of 1 sq. km. M of housing."

However, according to deputy head of the Kiev National Union of Architects (NSAU) George Duhovichny, management of the capital does not want to do the power relations with the developer equal, because a decrease in interest payments will increase the developer's unlawful demands to him on other charges. "NSAU for many years in a row appears with a proposal to city council approved a civilized form of agreement between the developer and the local authority, which will be specifically spelled out that the city undertakes to construct certain engineering liner to the building site - in return for a share received from the company's participation money. Then the developer did not go to the court, and gladly pay 15-20% of the city treasury. He knew he would pay for that, and today private limited participation - base service, which is not clear where "- said Mr. Duhovichny. Dmitri Markov
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