Kiev will live as long as no General Plan

04.01.2012 14:00
Articles about real estate | Kiev will live as long as no General Plan Adoption of the Master Plan of Kiev, who had to take immediately after the Development Strategy for 2025, decided to postpone. Painfully, many critics have listened to the address of the main authors of the planning documents of the city. Now, as promised to the head of the KSCA, Alexander Popov, while the public does not agree, they will not.


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Renowned architect George Duhovichny lists several weaknesses of the new General Plan. One of them is related to the green areas of the capital. "They put in the green zone the entire area from the slopes of the Dnieper River to St. Cyril's Church. But there are many sites already allocated for development. We asked the developers to do one simple thing - to impose a development plan for the area (note in terms of built-up space), so it was obvious that there will be. But they do not want to "- says Duhovichny.

Master plan also includes construction of a large number of housing due to condensation of existing buildings in Kiev. "Let them show you where it is going to compress, because no one has repealed rules on the number of hospitals, schools, roads, and the load on the engineering network. All of this should be worked out, "- said Duhovichny.

Where is the circus?

Head of Commission on Culture Kyivrada Briginets Alexander believes that the document does not indicate locations of archaeological sites. "For example, there should still carry out excavations, and they want to build up, how often it happens," - said the deputy. And on the bank of the Dnieper, it appears possible to build - it was not included in the buffer zone. MP also not satisfied that the document does not imply the construction of new cultural sites on the left bank. No circus, no new theater - as long they say.


One of the activists' save old Kiev "Igor Lutsenko has compiled a list of dozens of controversial land acquisition, which in his opinion, the new General Plan legitimized. "The previous government allocated hundreds of acres in parks, squares. In the mayor's office stated that 1,700 hectares have already returned. But many of these sites are not over the proceedings in the appellate courts, "- said Lutsenko. According to him, the city must conduct a serious audit of the earth and see what remains and what is gone for good. "In addition to the Master Plan shall be accompanied by historical and archaeological background. It is needed during construction, to avoid accidentally destroying a layer of the archaeological values. We still do not see, "- said Lutsenko.

Popov: "We discuss with the citizens'

In the mayor's office say that the Master Plan will be revised and only debate with people of Kiev. "We wanted to take the Master Plan as soon as the" Strategy of Kiev. " But since there are many critics, I decided that it needed to be finalized. And we will work on it as long as it is approved by Kiev residents ", - said Alexander Popov, KSCA. According to him, yet offered an option that has got to be inherited from the previous government. There really is a land acquisition, for which earlier had voted Kyivrada and make changes. "Some of the comments we have already taken off. After all the trials will be held on illegal land acquisition, we will be able to return the city and make changes to the document - it will reappear the green zone. But we must remember that we got a very difficult legacy. Still, the law, we can not break. If the officials gave the "green light" construction projects, there they made their signatures, and in these areas has already begun construction, it is unlikely we will return them. Since this was the construction site on the subway "Theatre." We do not have to budget extra UAH 50 million to compensate for the developer it costs more money we spend on health care, Social Security. But no new permits for construction a problem we will not allow "- said Popov.

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