Kiev mayor's office has finished checking the legality of land transactions

24.01.2011 11:46
Articles about real estate | Kiev mayor City Hall has been sent to verify the legitimacy Kyivrada land in 2006-2010. All questionable ROW (eg, straw men) the new government intends to return to city ownership. Glaucus land KCSA as told us his boss Victor Petruk, checked 1,959 stations. All material on the violations referred to law enforcement. Many of these sites made the protest prosecutors. True, the protests, which must consider the Kyiv City Council, the session does not provide for. They were stuck in the bowels of routine committee Kyivrada controlled by Bloc Chernovetsky. "I do not know why they do not make the meetings, they must undergo specialized commission," - told us to co-BLCH Alla Shlapak.

However, as previously stated, "Today," the deputy head of KCSA Alexander Puzanov, the arrest was imposed on 2,5 thousands of sites. But more than 500 allotment documents were in order. Basically this land, sent to owners of houses where people live for decades, said "Today."

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GOLDEN Weaving. Most of the questionable sites - to the delicious lands in Koncha Zaspa, where the weaving of land up to $ 40 thousand, for example, prosecutors have issued a protest to sites on the Metropolitan highway, which belong to us "Ost-plus." More than 24 hectares raspaevali supposedly for employees, who then had to transfer rights to the land owners "Osty. Firm associated with his brothers Buriak - Alexander and Sergei. But the former head of the Tax Administration Serhiy Buriak comment on the "Today" declined.

SOLD. Posing agency correspondent "Today" has decided to ring up some owners with a request to sell the land. "What are you, the site has long been sold out, we have it not" - said Love Vanyushina which Kyivrada 29 November 2009 identified 10 hectare to 26 km Metropolitan Highway. But Dmitry Repy, who in February of 2010, went to an expensive area of 27 km on the street. Kozinskaya, almost a year serving in the army. But his mother, Raisa Mikhailovna, the owner of another site there, was shocked by our call: "Where did you get information about the site? I do not sell, and none of your business "- she said.

In the mayor's office suspect that in these cases used the standard - the earth is issued on the front of people who for a fee and then copied it to an influential person. "We will deal with each site. And if there is something illegal, the land will be transferred to the city ", - said Puzanov.
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