Kiev is losing ground

29.01.2011 14:33
Articles about real estate | Kiev is losing ground More land and buildings in Kiev pass into public ownership. Today the state owns over 20% of the territory of Kiev, although until recently this figure was 10%.

In recent years, Kiev passed from communal property to state a few large facilities and land. So, in 2009, were transferred to state ownership of the building all the national theater. In 2010, the city gave the State Building and the Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy, the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve and the utility company, General Directorate of Services to Foreign Missions "(GDIP). After that sounded as the proposal to transfer of urban property in the management of Cabinet Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv.

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That is, after the Kiev-Pechersk became state property, the special committee the Ministry of Culture has decided to evict all of the Lavra museum, but the Museum of Printing, and infectious diseases hospital. Their premises, it was decided to give the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP). This precedent has become a cause for speculation that a similar fate awaits Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv. When at a meeting of humanitarian Council under the President a proposal was made by Anna Herman refer the reserve in state ownership, immediately a version of the intention to give Sophia the Moscow patriarchate. Anna herself Herman has denied this rumor. However, shortly after her statement UOC MP announced that he would ask the state permission to hold worship services in St. Sophia, which currently operates only as a museum, said "Glavred".

Transfer to the state enterprise "GDIP" including its holdings in Trukhanov Island (4 ha), Kiev deprived of significant revenue. "GDIP - one of the few profitable public enterprises in Kiev. Its annual profit is about 100 million hryvnia in the year ", - said" Stolitse.Glavred Sergey Melnik, a member of the Standing Committee of Kyiv City Council on budget issues and socio-economic development, member of the BYuT faction.

Withdrawal of an increasing number of objects of municipal property is all the more strange that in Kiev, and so a lot of areas and buildings owned by the state. It is a land defense, aerospace industry, universities and vocational areas, coastal zones and areas of public enterprises, including the central authority, which in great variety.

In total, the State in the territory of Kiev owns 12,000 hectares of land. This was announced on January 14 this year, Leonid Nowakowski, deputy director KP "Kiev Institute of Land Relations" at the board meeting of the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) on the land use of the capital.

According to Nowakowski, the proportion of land to be transferred to the state, has increased over the past 9 years - with 10% of Kiev's territory up to 20%. Their number has increased due to delay in separation of state and communal property. "The law adopted in 2004, but the procedure was not carried out. The fact that the State Property Fund has not yet reached the combined roster of state-owned enterprises, not to be transferred into the ownership of the city of Kiev. During his absence this registry land laws changed several times, so the proportion of public lands has increased. "

In such circumstances, the expert said, the city can not fully enjoy their own territory: "If the land belongs to the state, the city council alone can not use it, for example, to build roads or laying water pipes. Passing more and more land from communal ownership, we limit ourselves in their own rights. And, apparently, the offensive will continue. "

To resolve the issue, according to experts, could be for 2 years and would cost it at 3-5 million hryvnia. However, the State Property Fund to do its part in no hurry. Consequently, it is unknown how much more will increase the share of public lands in the territory of Kiev, and what objects will lose the city.

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