Kiev fighters of ATU look land on the outskirts of Kiev

25.09.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Kiev fighters of ATU look land on the outskirts of Kiev Yesterday Kyivrada took almost all land issues. Was not without incident. The opposition blocked the rostrum to prevent a vote on two sites for businesses that allegedly belong to the family of the former head of the Shevchenko WGA Victor Pilipishin. LAND FOR FIGHTERS

One of the most pressing issues, which were discussed yesterday on the sidelines of the regional council, where the sitting of the Kyiv City Council, - the allocation of land to Kiev involved in the of ATU. Yesterday it was about 50 hectares for about 450-500 participants in military operations in the Donbass. And all them, according to the head of the commission on issues of people of Kiev in the area of of ATU deputy Alexander Kharchenko, about 4 thousand. Yesterday discussed several areas. As told to us in the source of impact, are especially likely to allocate land for the Mint on Troeshchina, towards the village Zazimya, but there are power lines. Other MPs called land in the forest area surrounding district DVRZ. They also discussed the grounds near the village of Troeshchyna forests around the village and green area Bykovnya Golosiivsky district.

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The head of the Land Commission Vladimir Prakopau said that no final decision has been made. "I personally believe that the participants of ATU should allocate land that Kiev will withdraw from the Ministry of Defense. To the territory of non-performing businesses, where there is already communication. We're working on it, ordered all the necessary documents, "- says Prakopau. According to him, finally worked out and the procedure of allocation of land - 10 acres for those who have no land ownership, or outside, depending on its availability, family or just to party, family killed, seriously wounded. One of the options - through cooperatives with summing up the city communications or repair existing ones. "The main thing is to reduce the number of documents that members of ATU must then collect" - says Prakopau.

However, whether the wounded soldiers or the families of victims of the material to pull the cost of construction and preparation of documents, it's hundreds of thousands. It can be assumed that the soldiers want to sell their land for development business of cottage townships, but now the country's crisis, and the construction market froze. This, in particular, said even the first deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Igor Nikonov, who came to the town hall of the developers. "We do not want to sound any address to get around them rose a stir in the business environment. I can only say that such sites may be more than one, in fact find 50 hectares in one place is very difficult, "- says Prakopau. Recall that in early September Kyivrada allocated to material support of Kiev citizens participating in the of ATU, 32 million USD (treatment, prosthetics, matpomosch families, evacuation and disposal of dead yesterday Kievers 30 - Author).

Scandal because Pilipishin

Just two sit down - yesterday and the previous Thursday - 120 deputies discussed land issues. If at the last session of the meeting twice interrupted because of fights, the last opposition only once blocked the podium to disrupt the vote in two areas: on the street. Tupolev, 14a, and Victory Avenue, 84a, which were allocated for the construction (reconstruction), operation and maintenance of recreation centers. In the fraction of "Freedom" argue that these complexes belong to the wife and daughter of the former head of the Shevchenko Victor Pilipishin WGA, which by-election in 2013, the Verkhovna Rada faction lost chapter "Freedom" in the Kyiv City Council Yuri Levchenko. Pilipishin himself responded to this "news" like this: "I ​​see no reason to comment on the populists."

As co-chairman of the faction said shock "Solidarity" Andrew Wanderers, basically all land issues on the agenda - the legalization of land under existing structures. "We bring to the session only neskandalnye, or if our colleagues from small fractions express any doubts, we defer questions for further study," - says the Wanderers. According to him, now in Kiev budget hole of 1.6 billion USD, which patch including payment for the land.
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