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Cities, like people have their own destiny, its own space program, orientation in space and time. This focus forms the fate not only of individuals living on their territory, but often the fate of entire generations and nations. An example of such influence may serve horoscope Kiev.

Kiev is a special place in world history - he stood at the origins of the East Slavic state. The ancient capital of Kievan Rus, for many centuries, he determined the direction of the Slavic states. This is no accident. Since its inception, Kiev was conceived as a sacred city of the Slavs, as a base for further movement in space and time. The names of its founders - Kiya, cheek and Horeb have a ritual significance and are an echo of the long-running event, which we understand as "the beginning of the Russian land." This starting point - the moment of ritual and the inclusion is the key to the history of the city and at least three states - Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The history not only gone, but the present and future. That is why so much attention riveted to their date of formation of Kiev. But the greatest interest, this date is an astrologer, who are in the hands of a universal tool to predict both global and local events. Including for prediction of human interactions and the locality.

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Human interaction and the locality.
Question resonance Rights and terrain in astrology is solved in two ways.

In the first case, the compatibility of human and countryside is regarded as the result of superposition and resonance of their horoscopes. Depending on the goals and objectives of the study, as a horoscope of the area can be used horoscope state, city, town, etc. Despite the fact that the outcome of this study is general in nature and in most cases makes it impossible to trace exposure of humans to power a given area, it can be used to assess the global potentials, development of human destiny in this particular place.

The date of incorporation of the city in astrology horoscope is usually depicted either as the time of signing the document on the basis of, or the time of publication of this document, or any "ritual" when, for example, "laying the first stone", "ribbon cutting" or, as it was in 1648 -- public announcement of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Kiev - the capital of an independent state. It is known for several horoscopes of the city of Kiev, which for a sufficiently long time influenced the face of the city. The most important of them are already mentioned horoscope Kiev as the capital of an independent state on 14.05.1648 (9:00 GMT) and horoscope decision to postpone the capital of the USSR from Kharkiv to Kiev on 21.01.1934. To date, there is another horoscope Kiev, which is still in the stage of "formation" and his active influence will only in 2011. (Delay due to the fact that any horoscope, for its full inclusion should be at least 12 years). This is a horoscope at the time of signature of President of Ukraine Act of Ukraine's capital city-hero of Kiev, from 15.01.1999 g. Unfortunately, the lack of historical data on the horoscope of the Kyiv until recently did not give full opportunity to assess the impact human rights and the ancient city.

The second method is to project the horoscope man on Zodiac map, ie, "broken" into sections corresponding to the zodiac. This method allows you to directly determine the most favorable and unfavorable areas for a person to his professional activities, health, comfort of existence, etc. This method is convenient because it allows to achieve very specific results with relatively small expenditure of effort, only by assessing their own horoscope rights. This explains the numerous attempts to create astrological charts of various cities: Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow. However, all known to date maps, in my opinion, sin one drawback - they distorted himself Zodiac. Zodiac signs in these maps are completely arbitrary way, depending on each author's own ideas about energy characters and how their manifestations in the area.
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