Kiev builders carried away with large format of housing

20.08.2016 01:00
Articles about real estate | Kiev builders carried away with large format of housing Kiev builders carried away with large formats. In place of the residential complexes come entire neighborhoods. At the end of this year, started the development of several large (6 to 30 hectare) grounds, which will soon have to grow new districts for thousands of apartments. Regulated went mostly former industrial zones and agricultural land. Almost all of the projects include the availability of parking, even kindergartens and schools.

Laid down in the last quarter of 2015 large-scale projects will increase the offer more than 20 thousand. Apartments. Additionally, 5 thousand. Apartments in a common base will add point features.

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"In Kiev, more than 1 million 70 thousand. Apartments. So more than 70 thousand. Apartments in new buildings will certainly affect the market, especially in the areas where new facilities. I doubt that the proposal balances the enormous purchasing power. So that the average house prices could fall by 10-15% "- he predicted the vice-president of the League of experts Andriy Guselnikov.

Goloseevo: almost Khrushchev

Bank "Arcade" realizes, perhaps the most ambitious project to date in the capital. Regulated plot is 28 ha around the buildings of the University of Kiev in Goloseevo, within walking distance of the metro station "Exhibition Center".

The company plans the construction of 27 new homes from 14 to 24 floors, and the completion of three long-term construction in general will be more than 8 thousand. Apartments. In №8 houses and 10 apartments of which are already being implemented, it is proposed rather modest size of housing. Both buildings are constructed of prefabricated reinforced concrete products factory "DSK-3."

Area bedroom - from 33 to 39 square meters. m dvushek - from 56 to 65 square meters. m treshek - from 82 square meters. m. The standards for almost Khrushchev. True, the apartment layout, and infrastructure means more comfort for the residents. The project involves the construction of high-rise parking lots, shopping center, three kindergartens, the Lyceum and the church. The first kindergarten-nursery for 110 places is scheduled for completion in August 2017, it will begin to build later this month, told the press service. The basic price per square meter of housing in the house №10 is 12.5 thousand. UAH, №8 -13 thousand. UAH, December 15, will raise prices on 500 UAH / sq. m.

In the same Goloseevo on a plot of 5 ha on the street. Potekhina 9, there will be one quarter of the three-storey houses 27. The developer, SG "foundation", they planned more than 3 thousand. Apartments, two thirds of them are one-bedroom, two-bedroom 20% and 15% three-bedroom. The price of a square - by 13.1 thousand. UAH / sq. m. From the social infrastructure - a kindergarten and shopping mall, inside the quarter of promise pedestrian zone.

Winogradar: to save sotsialke

Significant expansion awaits Vynogradar. "Warsaw Quarter" from Stolitsa Group is a 10-hectare former apple orchards. First of all - to the IV quarter. 2017 - 24 will pass three etazhki 815 apartments. Square one-bedroom apartments will be 36-57 square meters. m dvushek - 55-66 square meters. m treshek - 73-79 square meters. m. Now - at the stage of the ground floor - price per square meter is at the level of 12.65 thousand. UAH, but as the readiness of the object, it will rise. All the complex involves the construction of about twenty buildings. Because of the social infrastructure is planned for the early development of the school.

Right next to the site is located almost ready Retroville from the same Stolitsa Group. His promise to open a little earlier than the first phase of the neighborhood be inhabited.

"We are now actively discussing the possibility of adjusting the project, for example, think - whether to build a fence. But courtyards definitely be exclusively pedestrian, entry is only available for the emergency services (ambulance, fire, emergency). Planned secure outdoor parking where residents and guests can leave their cars. The district master plan indicates the location of a future metro station "Husbandman."

Nearby DBC-4 this summer began building "Christer-city" three panel high-rise by more than 1 ths. Apartments. There area one-bedroom apartments will be 43-54 square meters. m, two-room - 65-78 square meters. m, two-bedroom - from 94 square meters. m. Price per square meter starts at 13 thousand. UAH / sq. m.

Here, on 10 hectares should appear houses 9 (from 9 to 16 floors). The complex is positioned as an economy-class: the buildings are built from panels, part of cast-frame technology. Now work is going on four grounds, the duration of their delivery - III quarter. 2016 "Plans are tailored to meet customer demand. This economy class, bright, spacious, but at the same time compact apartment, "- said the president" Kievgorstroy "Igor Kushnir. Area of ​​ones start from 36 square meters. m dvushek - from 55 square meters. m treshek - from 76 square meters. m. The price at one hundred percent payment of 12.2 thousand. UAH / sq. m.

Just after the implementation of this project in the district will be about 2 thousand. Apartments, and is 4-6 thousand. Residents. The question is where to put the car, it is proposed to solve the outdoor parking. Under the social infrastructure "Kyivmiskbud" intends to give the room on the first floor. "It may be a private kindergarten or a center of creative development. The premises will be available for non-public medical institutions ", - said Kushnir.

Next to the neighborhood "Kievgorstroy" is complex "Lipinka" from Stolitsa Group (8 five-storey and 11 six-story buildings). Who built the third stage, which is ten shestietazhek, delivery of which is planned for the III quarter. 2016. Apartments here are sold at 19.8 thousand. UAH / sq. m. The complex consists of more than one thousand. apartments. No gardens, no schools in the project is not provided.

Infrastructure issues can become a big problem for the whole neighborhood. Who Vynogradar home to almost 60 thousand people. After the implementation of all the announced projects will increase the number of apartments for 6-7 ths., And the population will grow by 15-20 thousand. People. The question is - will there be enough at all places in kindergartens and schools, and how to grow the queue at clinics - is still open.

Pechersk become cheaper

The second phase of "French Quarter" from BUd development, experts believe, can derail prices in the prestigious Pechersk district. Now "French Quarter - 2" at the initial stage of construction, the prices start from 29.9 thous. UAH / sq. m. The area of ​​one-bedroom apartments start from 36 square meters. m, two-bedroom - from 56 square meters. m treshek - from 78 square meters. m.

The complex has 2 thousand. Apartments. "It is positioned as a comfort class, the location is excellent.

Developers will be forced to either adjust their projects to improve them, or to reduce prices ", - the director of City Development Solutions Yaroslava Chapko.

Nyvky: in anticipation of traffic jams

The company "Intergalbud" started the project "Park Nivki." This eight houses from 10 to 16 floors, which will be about 2 thousand. Apartments. First of all - the two houses of gazoblokov the area near the subway. Square one-bedroom apartments will range from 35.5 to 50 square meters. m dvushek - from 57.7 to 81 square meters. m treshek - from 75 to 84.5 square meters. m. The price starts from 15.9 thous. UAH / sq. m.

Scheduled for kindergarten, however, as part VI line. The list of social infrastructure and the mall and several parking lots. In the company's claim that they can organize the logistics so that the courts were mostly pedestrian.

The project "Park Nivki" good location: the green area of ​​the same name through the Victory Avenue, walking distance to metro stations "Nivki" and "Beresteis'ka", which is convenient for those who use public transport. But car owners are unlikely to be enthusiastic about the traffic intersection. Especially since the load to increase two more under construction near the LCD "Our Budinok" and "Gloria Park", which is still almost 1 thousand. New apartments.

What lay in 2016

Already in the I quarter. 2016 promises to present no less ambitious plans for development of the capital. For example, KAN Development launch two projects on the 350 sq. M. meters of housing. "It will be a comfortable accommodation of our beloved" humanity "format. While we can only announce the location - near Nivok and Vydubychi "- told" Vesti "head of marketing KAN Development Anna Popruga. The launch of the projects, commensurate with "the Warsaw quarter," say and Stolitsa Group. Most likely, it will be on the building site of the former factory "Galakton" on the left bank, a detailed plan of the territory already held public hearings.

"Kyivmiskbud" in the next year to begin implementation of the project in the city center. On the street. Thieves on the site Hay Market, will be a residential complex business-class. "It will be a house with a cascading curtain walls and floors. The complex includes roadway and the pedestrian area, the latter with access to the promenade Boulevard in the street Gonchar, "- said the press service. Square one-bedroom apartments 40-58 square meters. m, two-room - 60-75 square meters. m, two-bedroom - 80-110 square meters. m.

The LCD "Povitroflotskyi Quarter" on the street. Starokievsky 10 "Kyivmiskbud" implements the concept of "court without cars." In the courtyard is no roadway just playgrounds and recreation areas. Parking space in the underground parking and the perimeter of the complex.
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