Kharkov allocate 10 mln. at this year's youth lending and affordable housing

11.04.2011 12:20
Articles about real estate | Kharkov allocate 10 mln. at this year This year, the city's special program of youth housing loans from the budget of Kharkiv will be allocated 5 million UAH. An additional 5 mln. will be spent on the program for affordable housing.

Said the deputy mayor of Kharkiv, Director, Department of Economics and communal property Mikhail Fateev.

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According to him, two weeks ago the government decided to allocate the Ministry of Regional Development of the 150 million hryvnia in the program "Affordable Housing".

"On the part of this sum is also claiming Kharkov. With the corresponding letter of Kharkiv mayor has asked the ministry. Also will provide public funds for housing credit program for youth ", - said Mikhail Fateev.

According to him, one of the criteria for receipt of public money is funding for the regions of local budgets.

Total for urban youth program lending for 2011-2012 provided 10 million hryvnia from the budget of Kharkiv. And the affordable housing program for 2010-2011 contains 36 million hryvnia.

To implement the program in Kharkiv already started preparing to create a single registry of citizens. Probably already next week, will create the registry. The database will make anyone who is on the housing register in Kharkiv. True, the apartment management staff accounting - Department for keeping a register is created by it - will need to specify the data series. "Our management will do so on their own, those who are already included in the apartments of all, you do not need, they will make to the registry automatically. Moreover, the sequence is preserved. Whoever was first in line for housing will remain the first and in the registry "- said Michael Fateev.

Uniform state register of citizens in need of better housing conditions must be created before January 1, 2012. This is the government's decision. Kharkov was one of two cities, where the base decided to try out for the roster. Such databases must be created and in other cities.

Since 2012 the Uniform State Register will be an electronic version of the apartment turns. Requirements for becoming registered are not changed. Just the name of a person will make in an electronic database.

According to Michael Fateev, in Kharkov in the queue for an apartment worth about 30 thousand people.

Furthermore, at Kharkov region began a project of the Village of succeeding. "

According to the vice-governor of the Kharkiv region Yuri Sapronov, "Village of the future" - it agroklaster, which will be located on 1,700 acres of land in Izyumsky area. The core of the village itself will agroklastera on 300 acres of land, the rest of the land will go under the food supply. In the first phase is planned to build 130 houses and 160 mini-farm with three refineries - milk, meat and feed. In addition, the 40-kilometer zone around the village provides for construction of another 600 farms. Initial employment will be agroklasteri 2000.

Yuri Sapronov notes that the "village of the future" - a model of agro-industrial complex. In this case, the cost of 1 sq. km. meter cottage is less than 4 thousand UAH, and the area of ??an apartment house - 120 square meters. M. Young family, who want to work, settled in this cottage and takes a mini-farm.

To date, see in their "village of the future" except Izium district, wanted another 4 districts of Kharkiv region: Pervomaysky, Zmievskaya, Chuguivs'kyi and Krasnogradsky. According to news agencies, chairmen of district administrations have already identified land for the project - 1500 ha.

The Village of the Future ", will most likely be implemented in a simplified form: not 140 cottages, 20 or 10, but with the same number of farms. Now the regional authorities determine the sources of project financing and working with the three funds, including fund youth housing loans.

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