Kharkiv authorities need to determine the fate of the unfinished

07.02.2012 00:45
Articles about real estate | Kharkiv authorities need to determine the fate of the unfinished The heads of district administrations and mayors of cities of Kharkiv region to determine the future of construction in progress in the region, said Valentin Dulub, First Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

In 2011 at the request of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been an inventory of assets under construction, but concrete proposals for their future was not given, and they were not included in the construction program for 2012

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First Deputy Governor said that the Cabinet is waiting for proposals for change, demolition or completion of construction in progress with the project estimates, because without such data it is impossible to provide for government funding.

"If the cabinet is fully assembled all the information about the objects of unfinished construction in all regions of Ukraine, conducted a full inventory and has brought all of the information in the database, then it will need more specific information. We asked what our next step, what will be the fate of these objects. Now is the time to answer these questions, "- said V.Dulub.
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