Katia Buzhynska: I live next door to Carlson

11.09.2010 14:50
Articles about real estate | Katia Buzhynska: I live next door to Carlson To visit a guest star, the dream of many, if not everyone. Correspondent portal iBud.ua succeeded.

Katia, you have a large, but at the same time very comfortable apartment. How long have you lived here? Whose merit?
The apartment I bought 8 years ago. Here, almost everything and chose herself: wallpaper, furniture and color. In Kiev, I am only 15 years old. I was born in Norilsk. But most of his life lived in the city of Chernivtsi, where I came from my parents. In Kiev, I moved when I entered the Music College. Gliere. In a sense I was lucky. I never lived in a dormitory, parents helped me at the time of study furnished apartment birch. Then married and lived with her husband, incidentally, in the same area. Apartment, where we are, I bought eight years ago, after we parted ways with her husband. This is my first own apartment.

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-So it was a period when the Kiev real estate was still in a relatively normal price?
I must say that this apartment and then was not particularly cheap. Yet here are three levels, more than 180 meters square. I can not even imagine how much it might cost now.

- Should I understand that you are completely satisfied with it and any residential moves you did not anticipate?
I think that in the foreseeable future, no. I would like to have a course and a country house, but now it's too expensive. I have a problem in Koncha Zaspa. But there are not so great site for the serious home.
In addition, as you can see, this city apartment with something exactly like a country house. There is also a fireplace and a small winter garden and the wooden stairs going to the second and third floor and even on the top floor of a mini golf game of golf. Being here, somehow did not notice that it is part of the ordinary high-rises Kiev late eighties.

- But usually this apartment is difficult to call. Many would envy this coziness and comfort. Kate, you too had a hand in this arrangement for housing?
- You flatter me a bit. In my opinion, this is a common apartment is a true, European-style. Besides repairing a lot of years and I would have to change something. For example, the pink walls in the bedroom I had enough. For eight years I have changed the taste. I was a child dreaming of a bedroom in the style of Barbie, with a large bed, with beautiful lights, designed in white and pink. Now I have just such a bedroom, but again, that for 8 years the taste has changed. And I'm now closer to the minimalism, and quite different shades. Although like the fact that the apartment is dominated by natural materials. This is mainly wood and stone, skins and fur. Almost no metal. I do not like trendy now hi-tech style, and I think that in human habitation everything should be natural.

-What else changed?
I would like another child's room. Now my daughter Lenochka only 3 years old, but we need to think about the future. And if the second child be a boy, then over time it will need a separate area. After all, heterosexual children should not live in one room. And I sorely lacking closet. Buckets and cleaning cloths, skis, skates and other rubbish lie with me and at the corners. This disorder, and now I think over how to find a constructive solution to this.

-You do not have animals in the house?
The apartment animals do not, they all live in the country. We've got a zoo: 5 cats, two parrots, which gave Lenochka and dog Marik. The story of Marika in our family at all unique. Helen once asked me to buy her a crocodile. The fact that her favorite fairy tale character Crocodile Gena from Soviet cartoons. I have great difficulty explained to the child that the dog is no worse than a crocodile, so we have a Labrador Marvin, and gently Marik.

- You have a wonderful view from the window. Apartment on the top floor you have chosen deliberately?
Happened. I have said, has attracted what this apartment looks like inside a country house. Somehow did not feel in the city. And the fact that she is on the top, so in my possession there is even a part of the roof. We can say that I live next door to Carlson, and I love to walk on the roof.

- Then, perhaps we could say that the housing plan of your dreams have already come true?

No, I'm still dreaming of a country house. Only wish that he was not far from Kiev, because the whole studio and concert activity takes place here. I would not want to spend much time on the road. Yet I have a touring life. Concerts, frequent travel. Sometimes you come after the tour and you fall just exhausted. I was lucky that my house is a good energy. This helps to recover.
And gave me some old icons, it also creates a peaceful atmosphere ...

- Do you really feel very calm. How did you achieve this effect? Have their secrets?

Not really secrets, but in the regeneration of the philosophy of feng shui is used. I could see that it is not just a craze, for this truly is a whole field of knowledge and long experience. This affects even the relationship between husband and wife ....
As you can see in my house is practically no equipment, different TV sets, tape recorders, but rather is only the most necessary. Without which it can not do the work.

Yes, indeed, you probably would be a lot of musical equipment. Yet the singer's house ....
- No, you know, at home I mostly want to stay in silence. Sound good and different to me with his head enough to concerts ...

- What then do you think should be in the house, and then the opposite should not be, so people feel it, just like at home?
- I would advise everyone to have a bigger house plants. They are not only pleasing look but also purify the air. I never met people who do not love to plant ... Then, in the home should be more natural materials, wood, stone, ceramics ....
Less metal and plastic.
And yet, we must learn to properly treat the water. By that we drink. Do not consider me for an advertising agent, a Canadian company, but do not spare money on filters. That water which flows from our taps for drinking is no good at all.

- And finally, if you say dream, then nothing does not deny. What would you like brought to life, if nothing were restricted?
- Oh, you know, I'm still madly in love the sea ... an endless sea and dolphins .... If I did not hold back, I would build a huge swimming pool for the dolphins. Such that it would be in good weather you can move the roof, and he seems to be turning into the open sea ....
After a trip to Israel, I dramatically changed its attitude towards these creatures. At first she was afraid, thinking that these huge fish can I do something .... And now they really like me ... maybe someday we too will learn to live in a harmony with the world as they are ....
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