Kaluga highway ends at future projects

27.08.2010 17:22
Articles about real estate | Kaluga highway ends at future projects The average cost of homeownership in the Kaluga road in the elite village of $ 2 million 50 thousand, in business class - $ 670 thousand, in economy class - $ 270 thousand If we talk about price per square meter to the cost of land, in the elite class, it reaches $ 4 , 1 thousand, in business class - $ 2,1 thousand in the economy - $ 1.35 Average cost of one thousand one hundred square meters of land in a cottage village, offering to sell land without a contract, in the elite class is $ 52 thousand, in business class - $ 15 thousand, in economy class - $ 7 thousand Such data led the experts of the investment fund "11 Invest».

The most promising players in the market include projects that are on a high stage of readiness. However, it is no secret that these objects become in recent years fewer and fewer. The process of washing liquid supply. Especially, this trend affects the high-budget projects. In response to the crisis out projects of this type is practically stopped, and start the implementation of new luxury project near Moscow developers do not hurry up.

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Today in the Kaluga road begins to be observed shortage of quality big-deals, projects at a high stage of readiness. Such elite projects such as "Belgian Village" and "Levitan" are at an advanced stage of implementation. Among the new projects in the same class may include only the "Baden Hills, located 12 km Kaluga direction. The project for sale offers a variety of square plots of 11 to 58 acres, the home area of ??300 to 700 square meters. m. The cost of country houses start at $ 850 thousand, the average cost of houses is $ 1.5 million

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