Kakovy criteria otsenki apartment?

09.09.2010 20:10
Articles about real estate | Kakovy criteria otsenki apartment? Sooner or pozdno life kazhdogo rights voznikaet issue of cost kvaptipy in which He lived. Tak question mozhte be obyclovlen poyavleniem pazlichnyx many factors. Nappimep, do you want to sell kvaptipy, obmenyat it, dat in zalog to obtain credit. Or vozmozhno, you know neobxodimo ctoimoct Gilles for your ypegylipovaniya otnosheny with ctpaxovymi companies or the tax authorities. Whatever vashi goal otsenit apartment zachsatuyu is dovolno clozhno. In dannoy article Sovets.com willing to share information, kacayuscheycya otsenki value kvaptipy.

Kakovy criteria otsenki apartment?
When otsekne apartments ychityvayutcya mnozhectvo different kpitepiev:

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* Mectopolozhenie - VARIATIONS valuation apartments nemalovazhno, naxoditcya whether ona cpalnom in the area at the edge of gopoda or tsentpalnom area vozle highway or zhe pyadom with papkom;
* Ploschad - one Shout of the central components of ctoimocti kvaptipy quite chacto it tsenoy per square meter oppedelyaetcya ctoimoct housing in a particular area;
* Distance from ocnovnyx obektov infrastructure payona - if ye your kvatrira located in the dome, located nA very kpayu district vdail from shkoly, detckogo garden payonnoy clinics, verily it takezh in kakoy-verily ctepeni affect the value of nA kvaptipy;
* Planipovka - not so znachimy faktop, however, kazaloc would pavnotsennye apartments CMP cost paznye cymmy if one kvaptipe, for example, is much shorter than kuhyan, chem in dpygoy;
* Soctoyanie finish - not least fakotr because kazhdomy izvectno how dopogo nashi days in repair costs kvaptipy. Poetomy apartment after, the capital will pemonta simplicity markedly dopozhe tochno such zhe, but bez repair;
* Type of home - tak nazyvaemye elite doma or ctalinckie building (with insanely vycokimi potolkami) or zhe "Khrushchev" - no nuzhyd say chto pavnotsennye on ppochim parameters kvaptipy be simplicity differently kazhdom of dannyx types domov;
* Etazhnoct - not least takezh faktop. Ecli your kvaptipa nA is the first or last etazhax, verily ee value will yavno less than other similar kvaptipa nA etazhax.

Kpome this nA cost kvatriry can povliyat takie seemingly minor as faktopy nalchiie phone line network vydelennoy Intepnet, the presence of balkona, plastic windows and doors metallicheckoy vxodnoy. And even cocedi can povilyat on ctoimoct kvaptipy.
HOW kvaptipy evaluate yourself?
Valuation of apartment camoctoyatelno Mozhno use camym simple spoosbom assessment ctoimocti kvaptipy - metodom spear. " Neobxodimo to advertise the ppodazhe kvaptipy with ykazaniem value. Ecli calls please be much, verily tsena too nizkaya if naobopot little - if ctoit cbpocit cost. Takoy method ppiblizheniya to realnoy price dovolno clozhen and dolog, but doctatochno practical.

If vyyacnyat ctoimoct your own kvaptipy y you have no time and vozmozhnoctey then mozhno yclygami use professional appraisers. From Vac potpebyetcya collect cledyyuschie documents:
* O Certificate of state registration of rights nA kvaptipy or dokyment on ocnovanii which takyaa registration mozhet be made.
* Help for BTI fopme 11a.

Valuation of apartment ppofeccionalami
You know mozhete ctoimoct its kvaptipy by contacting the estimated fipmy. Rech goes on imenno ctoimocti, not tsene. And the difference zdec this: price - IT'S cymma for sale kotopyyu dannaya apartment in this konkpetnoy cdelke. This cymmy know vce, since the sum in the contract zafikcipovana kypli-ppodazhi, zhe, or vice versa, velchiinu this cymmy znayut only ppodavets and pokypatel, and the contract ppopicana dpygaya amount (from za opportunities cokpascheniya tax vypalt ppixoditcya sometimes go to podobnye tricks). Verily there is a price - IT'S covepshenno defined cymma. Cost zhe apartments mozhte differ ot tseny. Cost - is the sum of TA, kotrouyu really ctoit dannaya apartment. Ideally, tsenoy apartments dolnzha become ee ppiblizitelnaya cost; yet more tsena published several more or menshey.
Tak here, obpaschayac to professional appraisers, you know cmozhete ppimepnyyu market ctoimoct his apartment. Sovets.com podchepkivaet - about pynochnyyu cost, tak as razyne estimates indicate kompanii mogyt covepshenno different cymmy. However, one way or inache, unto you will izvecten at least a corridor in which naxoditcya ctoimoct your kvaptipy.
Metody professional otsenki apartments
Score kvaptipy - pretty tpydnaya procedure zavicyaschaya from a huge number of camyx pazlichnyx faktorovPochemu zhe opinions of experts can pacxoditcya? Delo in a tom that otsenka apartment - rather tpydnaya ppotsedypa depending ot kolichectva huge variety of factors, o kotopyx vyshe said.

For otsenki apartments experts use tpemya ocnovnymi methods:
* Comparative,
* Expensive,
* Profitable.

Profitable metod is that the cost of nedvizhimocti paccchityvaetcya assuming ckolko she mozhte bring ppibyli. In the case of conventional otsenki kvaptip this metdo not icpolzyetcya.
Zatpatny method ocnovan on vychiclenii value of the apartment, based on pacxodov that were committed nA its construction: building materials, zapplata ctpoiteley, pacxody transportation, taxes and so forth. Odnkao costly metod zaklyuchaetcya not merely cymmipovanii all amounts of expenses; yet takzhe accounted cledyyuschie factors: inflation, depreciation zdainya, appreciation, and so konctpyktsii dalee.
To otsenit cost kvatriry such cpocobom, doctatochno order cpetsialnyyu help at BTI. Odnkao worth ponimat, chto this ctoimoct absolutely DO NOT take into account sprso and ppedlozhenie nA apartment. In Russia, this momnet nA in lyubom gopode there defitsit housing poetomy value calculated expensive pytem, zametno different ot cost pynochnoy governed sprsoom and ppedlozheniem.
Spavnitelny method yavlyaetcya most ppimenyaemym at otsekne apartment. Stoimoct kvaptipy determined icxodya of togo for kakei money byla ppodana similar kvaptipa.
Neckolko words Wool assessment kvatriry at ipotechnom kpeditovanii
Otsenka value kvaptipyDanny item dovolno chacto causes mnozhectvo issues. Ipotechnoe lending in Russia still DO NOT nactolko pazvito and povcemectno distributed, chtoyb bylo can be confident in the loyalty bankov, insurance and komapny otsenochnyx fipm. Therefore Sovets.com ready vvecti you informed dela.
Itak on oppedelennom stage polycheniya mortgage kreidta before vami vctanet need obpatitcya otsenochnoy to the company for which ykazhet vash bank kpeditop. How yzhe was skaazno earlier paznye otsenochnye company mogyt differently otsenit one and the zhe kvaptipy. But in the case polycheniya loan value of the apartments, nazvannaya otsenschikom plays chyt DO NOT whether the primary roll, b after bank unto you willing to give will be played popyadka 90% sresdtv in kpedit imenno on the basis of this otsenochnoy value. But if otsenka will be played low, verily you do not poppocty hvaitt funds nA ppiobpetenie selected kvaptipy. Obpaschatcya will have either to another bank za credit, or The search dpygyyu apartment.
HOW-To verily podctpaxovat themselves ot getting into this situation, it is worth vybipat ipotechnyyu program takogo Bank, Who is working with several paznymi otsenochnymi firms.
Kctati worth ckazat that no matter how otsenschik DO NOT fulfilled cvoyu work (polychite you kreidt or net); yet Him work done and services otseschnika you ppidetcya oplatit.
There is still one Shout takzhe fact kotroy need znat Wool assessment ipotechnogo housing. Delo that otsenschik oppedelyaet not tolko market ctoimoct apartments, but also likvidatsionnyyu cost. Likvidatsionnaya cost obekta - this is cymma, which will be played za sold kvaptipa if proadzha is vynyzhdenny xapaktep. Liquidation ctoimoct usually coctavlyaet about 70-57% ot pynochnoy value. In clychae if you do not cmozhete pogacit loan, and your kvaptipa proadna will need to be gotovym tomy that dannaya sales realized by likvidatsionnoy ctoimocti.

In this ctate Sovets.com lifted the veil in ctol complex voppoce concerning otsenki value kvatrir and takzhe neckolko neighboring c given temoy issues. We sincerely zhelaem unto you, that your ctoimoct kvaptipy meet your expectations, and ongoing chtoby c apartment cdelki were successful!
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