Journalist Lurie recalled «luxury estates» Tymoshenko and Klitschko

02.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Journalist Lurie recalled «luxury estates» Tymoshenko and Klitschko In his blog, journalist Oleg Lurie tried to understand the causes of public scrutiny to the property escaped the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, which I must say has everything even the relics of saints, who, by the way, they did not particularly help, but completely ignores the real estate "Evromaydana leaders." Lurie has published a selection of photos from the " luxury estates " family Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatseniuk and Vitali Klitschko, who previously appeared in various Ukrainian publications.
According to Lurie , the son of Yulia Tymoshenko is not so bad with finances, as alleged leaders " maydanovskoy revolution." In 2008 Tymoshenko sister Tatiana Sharapova moved into the mansion , located in the central part of Dnepropetrovsk . It is located next door to the structure , known in town as " Tymoshenko house " built in the mid-1990s the street Barvinkovskoy , in the midst of business activities were directed energy company , which was headed by then Tymoshenko.
" According to eyewitnesses, Tymoshenko inside the house has an elevator , and the walls are decorated with tapestries of rare beauty. During times of persecution, it was reported that Tymoshenko mansion sold . What actually happened - is unknown. However, now lives in the house mom Tymoshenko with her sister - Antonina Ulyahinoy "- says Lurie .
Manor mother Tatyana Sharapova Tymoshenko and adjacent to one another courtyard. These two estates occupy an entire city block between the streets and Barvenkovsky Thalmann . Between the first and second estates erected the third house , located on the inner area between the two houses . Consequently, over the past two and a half years later the family Tymoshenko became rich by three mansions.

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Family Nest , directly by the Yulia Tymoshenko is on a dam in Koncha Zaspa near Kiev - in the exclusive village of Silver Bay. At Julia there own beach and dock for ships .
Probable prime minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk owner of a relatively modest two-storey building in the village Petrivtsi . Not far from the main building is an outbuilding for the guards , swimming pool, garden. Plot on 30 acres divided decorative wooden bridge in the corner - a guest house.
Leader of " IMPACT " Vitali Klitschko officially lives in the center of Kiev Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street - in the old six-storey building , built in 1901 . The apartment has three levels , six living rooms, four bathrooms and toilets, total area - 225 square meters. meters. Constitute the main part of the apartment two lounges . There is a library with a transparent floor of tempered glass , and on the upper level - office landlord , and at the bottom - three bedrooms.
But Klitschko main residence is located in Hamburg, in the prestigious district - Othmarschen . This mansion is impressive even in comparison with houses of local residents . Large four-storey house with a slate roof and a large loft painted white . In the yard - green lawn and covered parking for two cars . News agency confirms Klitschko home accessories , but it was not recorded in the income statement .
In addition, the Ukrainian presidential candidate Vitali Klitschko in Kiev there are several informal apartments , reports
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