"Jasmine" revolution nepokolebala real estate market in Tunisia

22.04.2011 07:43
Articles about real estate | "Jasmine" revolution nepokolebala real estate market in Tunisia Riots, which in early 2011 took place in Tunis, have not had a major impact on the real estate market of the country. In Gaza, there was not reducing the amount of sales or falling home prices, experts say.

"Some developers in the riots stopped construction of their projects. As a result of timing of implementation may move over a few months. However, the panic among the developers were not observed, "- says CEO of GG-DOM Pauline Vodzinskaya.

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The real estate market of Tunis, which is predominantly focused on domestic demand remained stable. According to him, the fall in prices was not and probably will not.

Pauline Vodzinskaya believes that Tunisia can not be compared with Egypt, where, as analysts say, after a change of political regime will intensively develop the real estate market.

"Egypt's population is greater and the level of living is lower than in Tunisia. Therefore, the Egyptian market really has the potential for a serious push. In Tunisia, in my opinion, everything is stable, the only possible smooth growth of all indicators - says the expert. - A small country and there are not many places that you can build up new objects. In addition, the Tunisian market is focused on domestic demand, which the country is stable, and foreign buyers will not affect the situation. "

Russians among foreign property buyers in Tunisia is not much. Typically, this middle-class people who have no problems with housing in Russia. They consider Tunisia as the place where you can buy a second home, and are guided by the sum of? 100tys. up to ? 200 thousand

In Tunisia, unlike Egypt or Turkey, there is no quality of cheap apartments for? 30-40 thousand, said Pauline Vodzinskaya. In a modern residential complex, situated on the seafront, the price of apartments starts from? 1 thousand per square meter.


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