Japanese house of the future will save oxygen and electricity

23.03.2011 15:57
Articles about real estate | Japanese house of the future will save oxygen and electricity Prototype development of the Japanese company will reduce production of carbon dioxide.

The Japanese company Eyeful Home Company has developed a concept house called Super-sustainable Model House Next + Nagaiki Style. The first two prototype house, built in 2008 and 2009, respectively, were able to balance the number of generated and absorbed by the structure of carbon dioxide. A third iteration has gone further - the new version at home absorbs more CO2, what develops. Moreover, Tostem Housing, which is the founder Eyeful Home Company, plans to commercialize some of the applications of "green" innovations in the next year.

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From an innovation worth noting PV system capacity of 6.93 kW and solar systems for heating water. Also in the house of the future window system SAMOS are used with the function of a ceiling light and heat shield for improved temperature control in buildings. The rooms installed LED lighting with dimming and wall-mounted OLED-lighting. A special timer allows you to customize the night consumption of electricity for charging electric vehicles.

Not paid attention and cuisine - it is built oven, used as fuel wood pellets. Responsible for heat hygroscopic wall coverings «Magic Brick», contributing to control humidity indoors. This positive effect on the duration of air conditioners, and as a result, saves energy.

All collected information about the state of home systems is sent to Tostem Housing for processing. Based on the analysis of special service offers residents energy-efficient "house of the future" to optimize power consumption, making the Next + Nagaiki Style is even more environmentally friendly.

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