Ivan Urgant was a victim of burglar

31.10.2010 00:00
Ivan Urgant was a victim of burglar Penetrated into the territory of its country-house frauds carried out of the home only souvenir porcelain set of 12 items.

Indigenous Petersburgers Van Urgant, it turned out, not like the fuss and the crazy rhythm of Moscow. Therefore, spending time between shots, shows and corporate parties presenter prefers a country house rather than in a rented apartment on a quiet street of old Moscow.

At his dacha in the elite village resident's wife Natalya Urgant a two-year daughter, Nina. The house is located behind a high stone fence, so it remains a mystery how the attackers managed to overcome the obstruction and get on the site.

Apparently, they have long waited for this moment, when the family was in full force leaves the house, and just making sure that in anyone, not jumped over the fence. The main suspicion fell on truzhennikov from Central Asia who are working on building an extension to the house.

True, the motive of the thieves remained for Ivan and his family is unclear. Finding that the house had been outsiders to call the police they did not, as the whole road vehicle and stereo system remained at their respective locations. Lost only gift set, standing in plain view at the entrance to the house.

"We know that resides in the village Urgant. He is very quiet and never cause any trouble - told in the Assumption police station. - For our help, he does not pay. "

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