"It's time to live in the country!"

29.11.2010 09:35
Articles about real estate | "It Life on their own land-thing attractive. However, to realize this dream in the southern Urals until the problematic: the consumer is often given only a promise instead of implemented projects. The company "West Coast"-perhaps one of the few in the market suburban housing, which offers ready-unique solutions, as embodied in reality. So, were discovered selling suburban village "Malinki Village». Do I need to dissipate today, low-rise distrust? What lessons companies investing in land? And when, finally, Chelyabinsk consumer offer really high quality life for the city? On this and many other things says Marketing Director for the West Coast Development "Vakhtang Chikaberidze.

On the low-rise trend

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- What are the prospects of life outside the city?

- I would say in another way: there are no prospects of residential property within the city of Chelyabinsk. Judge for yourself: the flat area of 150-250 square meters in a brick house can cost a family in the same amount (and even more expensive!), Rather than a country house with land. People of moderate means and above, are known to have the desire and opportunity to live in spacious homes.

This is a hot topic, because a certain category of people profits over the past two years, or have not changed significantly, or recovered. And I must say that their income citizens are now treated very carefully, first of all, it concerns the quality of life. And now the difference between the countryside and urban housing is obvious, as never before.

- Talking about quality. Perhaps, in the company of "West Coast" for the first time in the Southern Urals began talking about the production quality of the earth. What does this mean?

- Everyone knows that the land outside of town a lot. But anyone who has ever experienced this issue, well aware that sites with all utilities is extremely small. Buy the site of 300-400 thousand is not a problem, but then you'll do with it?

When it comes to building villas or cottages for permanent residence, you definitely need to think about networks: electricity and gas - in the first place. Connect to them either very expensive or take a half or two years. Today, hardly anyone would agree to buy land in the 15-20 km from the city to be planted potatoes: it is too expensive. Like I said, people began to refer to investments more accurately and pay great attention to population factors such as location of the site, all necessary utilities, homogeneous society, etc.

- What areas and areas are most promising? Where the focus of suburban life?

- Today we can safely say that the land area Sosnowski, Kremenkulskogo settlement - one of the most promising areas for the development of suburban housing. We've done master plans of towns Osinovka and Robins and that "were" all big and small areas in these places, believe me, you're unlikely to find somewhere now more ambitious project than this one. About two years ago, developers teamed up to create a single master plan of the area. Unfortunately, further development of our joint plans have not yet received.

- So, efforts to unite in vain?

- No, that was jointly developed master plan, already speaks volumes. Now investors are working each in his own regime, are working on plans for the development of their territories. Just in this, our company is now ahead of the rest. In any case, several companies will be easier to agree on one issue or another, if there is a general plan.

On the high-profile PR campaigns, and "Project"

- Two years ago, the townspeople saw the bright, juicy advertising club village "Malinki Village», with the slogan «The village is world class." But then everything was quiet. The project is closed?

- Of course not! In 2008, a draft project "Malinki Village» was fully prepared to implement, but we have deliberately delayed him: to reduce the incomes of citizens, entrepreneurs began to prepare for the worst, and "blossomed" crisis. Therefore, we are fully focused on the project "Hill` s ».

- Only postponed the realization or sale, too, froze?

- And sales, too. The crisis was a good reason to separate the "searchlights" of projects. We, too, could become the "Project", if it began to collect money from people and then not putting them to freeze construction. But we have chosen a different path: to invest in real estate only their own funds and bank and did not deceive anybody's expectations. Look, today you can travel to the object and make sure that there are laid all the networks are prepared roads, defined park area, and all that - for some three and a half months. We continue to explore this site and bring the project to a gloss.

- That is the land sale in the "Malinki Village» reopened?

- Exactly. In "Malinki Village» sales are not only open. The project completes the main stage - in the village laid all paved roads. Investment Company "West Coast" is selling quite ready for land development in a country village with a well-thought-out plan. Our customers can build their own home, at their own pace and on a selected technology or enter into contractual agreement. We expect that 2011 will become "Malinki Village» year of active construction sites, followed by the first settlers. At this stage, the consumer again appreciate all the advantages of the village "Malinki Village»: ready objects will be transferred to a professional management company to help resolve all issues arising from domestic owners.

- You mentioned another project - "Hill` s ». And it is located relatively close to the "Malinki Village». Would not it be competition between two projects?

- Definitely not, because the target audience still differ. "Hill` s »- for those who want solutions. It held the people who do not want to dive into the construction site. All they need - choose home and think about his interior trim. And in "Malinka" there are more opportunities to be creative. Even in parts of the facades of houses, names of streets, etc.

On investments in land and cats in a sack

- How much is this new level of life - all the benefits of civilization outside the metropolis?

- Until recently, land prices fell, and suburban housing are now gradually going to rise again. Fixed price for a hundred there - so chaotic that market. Each transaction is purely individual. We each quarter has its own cost and price, and every part of their benefits and features.

- Then, nothing prevents a consumer who has the money to buy land and begin construction in Tarasovka or in the village of West. Location is good, the neighbors know ...

- Yes, but, first, the prices of items in Tarasovka or gradually inflate the West, despite the fact that the facilities are outdated. Second, in virtually no quality land with utilities, the management company and appropriate level of security. In most of the existing settlements of some social life outside the fence there. So apart from the company "West Coast" integrated product in the spirit of "Malinok Village» or "hill` s »no one offers.

- So you can tell the pioneers in terms of "zemletvoreniya?

- Yes, the company is "West Coast" has considerable experience with land and project development. We are actively assimilating the American experience in planning high-quality low-rise towns of a fundamentally new level. Nothing prevents other firms to go on our way, but in others the process stretched for many years. So what if the city and will offer similar to ours, it will happen no earlier than two years.

- Sales in the village Malinki Village »were discovered relatively recently. Interest in this object is?

- Already mentioned that latent demand for holiday homes is huge. It's time to live out of town! Even before the opening of the sales we are continually consulted with potential customers. People do not want to buy a pig in a poke, they want to see an object with a ready-made communications and those benefits that are available in the city. But this is exactly what we offer! Life outside the city - it's a completely different view of the house, on life, family. But what Chelyabinsk want to live, relax and raise their children in a comfortable environment in the vicinity of nature - an indisputable fact.
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