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12.05.2011 07:25
It's time to give Spring - the most attractive time to buy a villa. About what is happening in this country real estate sector, told the correspondent of "NB" Expert Analytical Centre BelTsTN Irina Gahovich.

- As a rule, in March - April, there is a seasonal interest in the buyers country houses and summer cottages. Increased demand in the spring is logical: the snow is almost melted, the car can easily get to the summer of cooperatives, see full part, the neighborhood adjacent to the dachas. In addition, the spring is enough time to decide on the option purchase summer residences, conduct a transaction, to begin spring work in the garden and the garden and even have time during the summer to relax or do maintenance work in the garden house.

- Irina Stanislavovna that primarily affects the cost of country houses?

- The price is mainly affected by distance from the city, direction, size and quality of building country houses, the size plot of land transport. Also very significant factor is the ecology of the area, the presence near the dacha cooperative forest, pond and, of course, the grooming of the area.

- What are the requirements of today's buyers suburban areas?

- If the "Soviet" time was seen as giving assistance in dealing with the food program and has been used for its intended purpose - horticulture and gardening, it is now considering giving customers primarily as a resting place for the city. In this regard, the basic wishes of buyers cottages - this land is not less than 6 acres, quality built house, landscaped area, good transport links. An additional advantage is the presence of landscaping on the site, but separate the data from the buyer usually does not pay. They are included in the total cost problem.

Applications are coming to our agency can be divided into two categories. The first category of buyers interested in dacha cooperatives, located at a distance of 10-15 km from Minsk. The main interest has to give as up to 10-15 thousand U.S. dollars, and more expensive with comfortable living conditions. In this case, buyers expect for the money to buy a dacha with quality built structure on the well-kept area not less than 5.6 hectare. These cottages are considering not only as a place for gardening, but also a place of residence and recreation during the summer. The second category of buyers is focused on cheap villas up to 5-7 thousand U.S. dollars. This category of buyers interested, as a rule, Cottage, located along the movement of electric trains in the ecologically clean areas. Requirements for the site - from 4 hectare with a small garden shed. And, according to statistics, the cheaper the problem, the more buyers are interested in it.

- How often do consumers have resorted to obtaining credit for buying problem?

- In banks today do not provide loans for the purchase of villas. Shoppers buy villas for cash savings, and in rare cases, use the supply of credit for consumer needs.

- What is the value of suburban real estate today?

- Real estate agents today enough information about the selling sites. Specialists will consider the demands and wishes, and the buyer will choose cottage on request. Plots without buildings can be purchased from 2 thousand U.S. dollars. There are proposals to suburban areas with a small building or wagons at a price of 4-5 thousand USD. Such proposals quickly find their buyers.

In the price range from 6 to 10 thousand U.S. dollars more suggestions. Typically, these are small houses, panel standard 80-ies built or under construction. Such proposals are in Molodechno, Pukhovichi, Miadel and other areas.

But most of the proposals is in the price range of 10 thousand U.S. dollars. 10-20 thousand you can buy a cottage in a picturesque place with brick-1-2-tier home, fireplace, partial conveniences in the house, landscaped plot of 5 hectare. Such problem finding a buyer is usually in middle-aged and used for recreation and gardening.

To search for a cottage in this price range should initially determine the direction in which you want to buy it. It should be noted that the constant demand problem in the 10-20-km zone in price from 10 to 30 thousand U.S. dollars (Yuhnovka, Kolodishchi, Raubichy and others).

Sellers of expensive summer houses should be aware that the price should match the quality. Well-equipped cottages on the price of more than thirty thousand must meet certain conditions: a prestigious area, the site of at least 8.6 hectare with a good seating area, preferably adjacent to the forest, the proximity of the reservoir, good access roads, high-quality built home, etc. In addition, desirable in the garage area and baths. This problem most often find a buyer for the wealthy middle-aged and wealthy young families. Cottage in this case is regarded as a resting place or residence in the summer.

There are deals and luxury villas, for example, in the village of Forth, near Zaslavl. This holiday village cottage type is made in a single architectural ensemble, the area is fenced cottages, there are security, video surveillance. The cost of such luxury cottages decorated with the most modern materials and with all communications starts from 275 thousand U.S. dollars.

- What are the benefits of treatment in the real estate agency with the intention to buy a dacha?

- The deal to buy garden shed with the land - such as real estate transactions, as well as with a residential house or apartment. It requires proper collection of documents of the notary and registration of property rights to the new owner. Real estate agency will help you choose the option to verify the correctness of registration of title documents, conduct a transaction, register a property for a new owner.

- News today to rent villas or buy them for subsequent lease?

- Market cottages - not the market segment that is attractive to invest in real estate. Very rarely give gain for rent or for resale. Buyers of country houses, as a rule, they enjoyed themselves to their destinations. However, the removal of rent cottages in the summer - and the actual demand. And such proposals, unfortunately, far less than willing to use them (we're talking only about the cottages, but not about the houses in the village).

Most are to be summer rental in those cottages, whose owners were soon ready to sell his suburban estate, or for any reason can not take care of it, but do not want it to idle for nothing. Renting cottages for 1-2 days is not as widespread as renting cottages and manors.

Information about the delivery of villas for the summer period is not so much as to sell. And to find the right offer potential tenants for the help of databases of real estate agencies, Internet media.

As for the price of rent, then, for example, wood or brick cottages, with furniture and partial amenities or without them, located in suburban co-op in Kryzhovke (Molodechno direction) for rent for the summer to 60-70 U.S. dollars per month. Two-storey villa near the village of Anusino can be removed at a price of $ 100 per month. Cottage in Miadel direction (14 km from Moscow) in a picturesque location offered for rent at a price of 150 USD per month. Cottage with a plot of 4 weave in Ratomka rent for $ 100. There are also suggestions, and to 350 USD, but it will be a house with all amenities.

Extremely rare problem offered for lease at a symbolic price of 10-40 U.S. dollars per month. In this case, the owners charge a small fee, and their main goal - not making any profit, and maintaining the site in good condition and gardening-garden. Tenants of these villas - mostly retired, ready to work hard and relax in the countryside.

- What are the recommendations of experts BelTsTN tenants and owners of summer cottages?

- Check the owner authority property rental - the main task of the tenant. We also recommend to observe the formalities and in writing, specify the conditions of the lease. In any case, to avoid confusion the tenant must agree with the owner to enjoy the gifts of the garden, kitchen garden, to get permission to visit friends, in kindling the fires, pets and other nuances, including the schedule of visits to the host.

Owners of country houses, wishing to surrender their lease, you must pre-orient the market price of the lease. It is important to note that the main demand is to give a price range of 50 to 150 USD per month. Owners of country houses, wishing to deposit them at a price of $ 200 per month, be prepared to provide the tenant a maximum set of conditions and comfort for your stay.

It should also be borne in mind that a price above 300 USD competitors cottages are fully-fledged country cottages with a certain range of amenities and comfortable houses in the protected areas of Belarus.

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