Italians to build a "City of the Future" on the Silk Road

28.10.2010 15:15
The project involves the construction of skyscrapers, connected by rail network along the Silk Road.

The Great Silk Road-the historic trade route that once connected the China and Japan to the Mediterranean. Italian Bureau of OFL Architecture proposed to breathe new life into this route.

Draft Silk Road Map Evolution (SRME) is still a futuristic concept. Architects have proposed to construct a unified system consisting of lines of transportation, walking with a gravitational interaction with the railroad, and mixed-use complexes in height about 400 meters each.

The surface facilities will be covered with artificial SRME chlorophyll - the pigment that can generate oxygen. In addition, the facility equipped with special piezoelectric panels, which can accumulate the energy from the train and turn it into electricity.

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