Israel may impose sanctions for the owners of unused housing

24.12.2010 15:26
 The number of vacant housing units in the country since 2000 has nearly doubled. In case some of them will be occupied by tenants, will shorten the gap between the strong level of demand and supply for residential properties in Israel and halt the rise in prices.

Currently, the Israeli government is developing a plan to change tax policy so as to ownership of vacant property has become impractical. This government wants to force the owners to put the house up for sale at a discounted price.

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Measure should help at least partially solve the problem of housing shortages and rising prices. Manual Bank of Israel, and government officials gather to discuss this issue in the near future, writes globes.

Under the unused housing means the apartment or house that does not live permanently - for any reason. In particular, it applies to them and shelter, bought by foreign nationals. Under the new rules can get the owners of the legacy of housing, as well as houses and apartments in which the hosts come only on weekends.
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