Is there any reason to lower prices for apartments?

22.11.2010 13:00
Articles about real estate | Is there any reason to lower prices for apartments? In recent years, increasingly in the media there is information that the real estate market in Kiev is about to collapse, prices will fall and soon the cost of apartments will be fantastically low.

Discussions on this topic have been conducted for at least two years, but most market operators, as well as experts and specialists who deal with both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the situation, has long been noted - yes there is a definite lull, but the collapse of prices, especially on a new quality and comfortable housing, not predicted.

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On the contrary, at the moment, the market there was a serious adjustment, which resulted in weaker players were forced to leave, and strong, as construction continued even during the economic downturn, in spite of everything, and are now working quite actively, steadily increasing its momentum. Company NBK, during the time of his work, was among those companies that do not reduce rates, continued to build new housing, even in difficult economic period.

Moreover, all deadlines have been met the developer of homes and the quality of the works has remained the same high level that was set by the market even before the crisis. Reduce the cost of housing at the expense of the quality of the work - this is unacceptable under any circumstances for a stable and serious company, and this is one of the few options, possible today for dreamers back the cost of housing at the level of the last century.

There is no reason to talk about the second wave of crises in the economy, by contrast, is now much improved macroeconomic indicators, recovered and began to work actively financial and stock markets of the country.

Stabilize the overall situation and, accordingly, revives market of residential real estate, banks have reduced their mortgage programs. Consequently, there is no reason to talk about a significant reduction in the price of new housing. The only option that can be viewed as one that cost reduction, housing prices may have it to buy an apartment in the framework of any shares.

For example, the NSC by examining the sale of apartments in residential complex "The park" (first section was finished in March 2010, the second section is planned for delivery before the end of December 2010), concluded that the ability to reduce the price, as the desire of many potential buyers have .

However, it can be done only within the "New Year's Marathon" on which 30 apartments will be priced at 8,990 hryvnia per square meter. All the other apartments in the already constructed the first section of the house number 26 of the residential complex, and is now being sold at a price of 11,000 hryvnia per square meter.

The same cost per square meter of housing planned for apartments in the second and third sections of Park in January 2011. That is, according to the head of sales department of the NSC Dmitry Shosti, the best option, when the development company allows people to purchase the guaranteed quality and of good housing, without compromising the quality of the bar itself.
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