Is it possible to buy cheap quality confiscated car or an apartment?

17.03.2011 10:15
Articles about real estate | Is it possible to buy cheap quality confiscated car or an apartment? Is the confiscated goods much cheaper than new, due to what? Asked experts

Bank: Bank Plus

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In many cases confiscate the possible second-hand goods, which are essentially worn out, lost look and some consumer-quality, low liquidity, which is why the selling price of such goods is not uncommon is substantially lower than the new ones.

In the case of forfeiture neiznoshennyh and have not lost their consumer qualities of goods, the price of their implementation does not differ from new products. In any case, we must understand that anyone, even new consumer goods that are purchased and passed out of the store, automatically loses in value 20% due to VAT, and prices for new products, which have long been stale on store shelves, revised downward . Falling prices of confiscated goods that were in use, due to the objective.

In the case of confiscated vehicles the situation is no different - can not confiscate the used cars are often a significant loss of consumer species and require repair. This is due to the fact that borrowers have ceased payments on the loan, realize that the car sooner or later be withdrawn, and, as a rule, cease to follow the car or in the event of significant damage, leave the car parked without repair for a long time. Accordingly, the need for additional investments in the car for repair and recovery causes decrease in selling prices.

Confiscate the flat is very difficult. This is primarily due to the complex mechanism of foreclosure of the housing, the need for eviction of the former owner and all tenants, completing all the lawsuits that are initiated by the debtors and their lawyers using legal conflicts and gaps, and can last for years, making it impossible to sell the collateral.

As a result, confiscate and put up for sale apartment where no one lives and is not registered, which is not the subject of litigation, can in rare cases. And in these rare cases, the price will be at the level of the market, because, as a rule, other property the debtor has not, and the lender is interested in paying off the debt in full.

Alex Vuyko
Director of the Department for distressed assets of individuals VAB Bank

Theoretically, cheap to buy the confiscated car or an apartment is possible, but practically - no. Can be purchased with some discount, but not for a penny. You have to understand that the interest the bank is to recover the funds if not in full, as much as possible. Similar interest and the debtor - to pay the debt in full or as much as possible. It is logical. So that the cost of such a transaction is discussed through negotiations involving all stakeholders.

The price of the confiscated liens can be a below-market and above. It depends on many factors: the amount of debt, the bank loyalty, loyalty, the debtor, the liquidity of mortgage, the conclusions of an expert appraiser, etc.

If forced sale price deposit will be determined by an independent evaluators in accordance with Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings". Typically, in this case the price may be slightly lower than the market, though not always. But it must take into account the fact that the collateral will be sold through an auction to raise prices. Participate in such auctions requires the buyer to comply with all prescribed rules - namely, the registration with the introduction of guarantee fee on the account of the trading organization, in case of winning the auction - the transfer of funds to the account executive service. Next Ogiso transfer money to bank accounts, which in practice is from 7 to 14 days. Only after these funds bank takes collateral.

When a voluntary sale of mortgage price equivalent to market counterparts, primarily focused on real customer demand. In each situation, an individual decision is taken.

Artem Butenko, Head of credit services to individuals
Bank: Ukrainian National Development Bank

Banks are forced to sell the mortgaged property at a discounted price to somehow recoup their costs, although, of course, lose to such operations. By these measures the banks did not resort to the good life. Typically, financial institutions are trying by all possible means to persuade the debtor to pay, give respite, go to refinance debt.

They were not profitable to take the collateral. Seize collateral only hard-core non-payers, when the last hope to get the money lost. After such an operation on the bank could lose up to 30% of the value of the collateral. But delaying the process of foreclosure in the long term, banks may lose even more, since over time the value of collateral declines.

Buying cheaper confiscated property is possible, but must pay attention to the loan currency, the period of delay on the loan and the Bank's aim in publicizing the list of seized collateral.

Dmitry Osipov Deputy Head of Department to work with software active operations BM Bank

Keep in mind that in the course of enforcement procedure sale of collateral can take two stages. On the first - a pledge put up in public auction at market price. If the first auction invalidated for lack of buyers willing to pay a set price, a second auction, for which motor vehicles, according to the Law of Ukraine "On enforcement proceedings", exhibited at a 30% price. Similarly, the price of an apartment for the second publicly trades can be reduced to 25% according to the Law of Ukraine "On mortgage". Thus, the potential buyer gets a chance to buy the mortgaged property at below market prices.

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