Is it easy to find a buyer for suburban real estate?

27.11.2010 12:45
Articles about real estate | Is it easy to find a buyer for suburban real estate? Demand for ready-made town houses have not yet activated. Each month, we are seeing price declines, and that is the best indicator.

Buyers in country houses have always. Simply their number is reduced in difficult times so much that develop large-scale projects is extremely difficult. But for private investors always remain!

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Most of the houses offered for sale today are worth more than $ 1000 per sqm. m, at a cost of construction of $ 400-600 per square. m (site). Therefore, most want to have a house they want to build it themselves. For some reason, developers of suburban housing at one time it seemed that the Ukrainians are so lazy and wasteful, that agree to pay double the price. Probably confused Kiev and Moscow. As a consequence, the number of sold plots (before the crisis, and currently) ten times the number sold prefabricated houses. Of course, making the construction and sale of houses can and should be
at all times. The recipe is simple. We must not slander boxes for sale in the open field, and offer customers "the house of his dreams" in a good location.

Of course, to make a "dream", it is necessary to know what people are dreaming. How easy is it to find buyers? I think that now in Ukraine difficult to find a property that meets all the requirements. In this case, to say in advance how much you can earn on the construction and sale of his house, it is impossible. But it is well known, from which it will develop this income. Appreciation of the site due to the development environment for the construction period of the award, which the buyer pays for the "house of their dreams" and is only slightly from the charges for construction management and the difference when the market price.
Anna Usinas,
Head of market research company Mark Braus
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