Irina Allegrova smashed a country house for a mascot

22.10.2010 11:48
Articles about real estate | Irina Allegrova smashed a country house for a mascot <em>Singer does not regret eurorepair to get back his ring<br />If it were not for the timely assistance singer and poet Constantine Krimsky, singer Irina Allegrova, would be deprived of their main mascot, with whom she has not parted for 10 years.</em><br /><br />One of these days the singer dropped into the sink luxurious ring, which she dearly as memory and for many years is the main mascot. Exclusive diamond ring with a five carat jumped out of the elegant hands of Irina Allegrova when she washed in the bathroom of his suburban home.<br />Plumber, who arrived in the night, spent a few hours, but could not find a lost item. The man advised Irina has not yet opened in the house of water, and promised that he would return in the morning with a partner.<br />In ferklempted actress found call longtime friend, singer Constantine Crimea. And, despite the late hour, he immediately went to her aid.<br />- We have been friends with Irina for many, many years and can always rely on each other - says Konstantin. - When I heard her upset voice, once said: "leave. Soon I will. " And the only place to learn what happened.<br />The search was complicated by the fact that all the pipes in the house were "hidden" in the wall. However, Constantine found unusual decision: to not break the house, he used a vacuum cleaner and a hose for watering. Thus, reviewing a small portion of the floor and walls, he was able to vacuum it almost all the pipes in the house. For five hours, which worked Krimsky, he got to the tribe at the junction of pipes that went into the basement, but the ring was not there.<br />- For me, this ring is very expensive - overflowing with emotion, tells the "empress" of our singers, Irina Allegrova. - And it is absolutely not in its value. Moreover, it is priceless! Associated with it special memories, pleasant periods of my life.<br />This is why singer gave Constantine a free hand.<br />- Breaking! - Asked the musician.<br />Loma - Allegrova doomed waved, and there was what is called a miracle. Constantine turned the vacuum cleaner to check the last tribe, and the interior of a corrugated hose, something with a thud in the dust flew.<br />Opening the package, they looked at it as a last hope. Thrusting his hand inside, the singer found the ring. Fortunately there was no limit artist.<br />The joy of discovery, it was agreed to note with a cup of tea with fresh pastries.<br />- When I found the ring and looked around, then marvel dalsya - as soon as he could single-handedly to crank it all - surprised Crimea. - Ira still have long to get out of the house. But all this stuff! Nonsense, the works of life!<br />Came the day plumbing repaired and returned to the place of joints and plugs. Builders Brigade by the evening restored floors, part of the ceiling and walls.<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />
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