Ionization and ozonizing

07.12.2009 11:39
Conventional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are a major source of infection because of their sophisticated technical design is an ideal place for living and reproduction of microbes, bacteria and mold.

The problem of ionization of air in the room has acquired particular importance after it was established that the person is a source of huge amounts of heavy ions (up to 500 thousand in 1 cc of exhaled air). Consequently, in every room in the presence of people the number of oxygen ions tends to zero. And as a person spends 90% of life indoors, then it within 90% of life experiences ions systematic starvation.

Scientists have found a number of remarkable facts. The use of negative polarity ions helps to reduce fatigue, tiredness, restore power. All this helps to improve efficiency, strengthens the immune system and dramatically reduces morbidity. Beneficial influence on the air ions as a growing and aging on the body.

The only way out - the introduction of modern besfiltrovoy air purification systems
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