Investors' interest in the European market of commercial real estate is a positive signal for Ukraine

18.02.2018 00:45
Articles about real estate | Investors International investors, amid a slump in the commercial real estate market in the United States, have redirected their attention to other countries. In particular, they began to buy or acquire a majority stake in retail properties in Europe. The shift of interest of international investors towards the European market of commercial real estate can serve as a positive signal for Ukraine.

This was reported in the company UTG.

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According to them, this year the interest of foreign investors in real estate projects in Ukraine has increased significantly.

"Despite the fact that most international funds are still waiting, the increase in the number of transactions for the purchase of commercial real estate in Europe indicates that investors will soon be drawn to quality projects in Ukraine," said UTG president Vadim Neposedov .

Earlier it was reported that the real estate market in Romania continues to surprise.
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