Investment in land - an alternative to buying a cottage

19.08.2010 10:25
Lack of funding has led to stop the construction of the majority of cottage villages in the Kiev region. According to the company SV Development, of the 68 objects, implementation of which began before the crisis, the construction work is now being only 15.<br /><br />The remaining objects either remained at the design stage, or work on them are extremely sluggish now and then suspended. As the head of marketing SV Development Vladimir Stepenko completely stopped working in 30 cottage town. Among frozen settlements "German suburb", "Iasnogorodski Polyana", "Zaspa Golf", "Vodograi", "Fairy Valley", "Sofiyivka", "Michael's Garden". Creeping construction is conducted in Rivera Villas, «Sun City", "European".<br /><br />Realtors sure: the investment may be appropriate only in those towns, where construction is, or in ready-made objects. According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, investors should pay attention to such projects as being built Family House (1922 cottage 10 km from Kiev, ready to "Novobogdanovka (820 houses in 32 km from Kyiv) and" The Cherry містечко " (53 cottages 17 km from Kyiv). Consumers who are interested in luxury real estate, is worth paying attention to "Маєток" (10 km from the capital, 400 houses).<br /><br />The cost of houses in these villages will grow, experts believe. According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, an increase of 10-15% by the end of 2010.<br /><br />Experts believe that in economy class will remain the most popular cottages cost from $ 150 up to 200 thousand, with a 10-15 hectare plots. In the segment of business-class customers will be interested in houses with total area of 250-300 square meters. m plots in 20 hectare. The estimated cost of such an object - $ 350-400 thousand<br /><br />The financial problems of developers led to new trends in the market of suburban residential property. As noted by Victor Kovalenko, some developers have begun to sell plots separately within their facilities. Sales by both the construction contract, and without it. These options are offered including the towns of Family House and Olympic Park.<br /><br />"Currently most of our sales - this is land. Average price of land weave with painted for communications allotment is $ 3,5-4 thousand ", - said the head of the press-service cottage" Olympic Park "Gennady Ermolenko. He said that the company's more profitable to sell ready-made home ownership, but the developer is forced to take this step because of the difficulties in attracting financing. Ermolenko sure that the buyer receives clear pluses from such investments. "The cost of land in the context of the crisis has decreased, so the land can be purchased at very attractive price", - he said.<br /><br />At Family House weaving of land for development will cost $ 5 thousand This contract to build reserves the developer. There is also a condition for starting construction site. It must begin no later than one year after completing the transaction on purchase of land.<br /><br />An additional plus purchase only site - you can build a cottage on his own project, however, it must be agreed with the administration of the town. Upon completion, the investor receives all the "bonus" arrangement of homeownership in the cottage: access to infrastructure, communications, grounds maintenance and security. Possible negative - cost of land will be higher than outside the village.<br />Tatiana Nedorizanyuk, the newspaper "Delo"<br />
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