Investing in the cottage: the advantages and disadvantages

04.11.2010 18:35
Articles about real estate | Investing in the cottage: the advantages and disadvantages Every day, the popularity of cottage townships around the capital and other major cities in Ukraine. House in this town - one of the most attractive real estate investments to date. Advantages - its land, fresh air, good public transport links, which is sometimes better than some "sleeper" areas of the capital. Price per square meter in the cottage complex now stands at srednegorodskih values.

From a legal point of view, the term "cottage" today is not defined, so each builder or developer to invest in it a meaning. Obviously, in order to be considered a cottage townships, private building site must have a communal infrastructure (transport, energy, communications and sewerage), operating company (similar to housing department) and social infrastructure (shops, catering, domestic services and education). And the village and infrastructure should have a single project and a single developer. Experience of the first cottage townships indicates the need to establish common standards in their dorms, and even the social homogeneity of the inhabitants of the contingent, a kind of "club".

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Location cottage, above all, its accessibility, is probably the main factor determining the demand for property in it, and hence the success of the project. It is believed that the town should be located no further than 30 km from the city limits (so-called hour availability). Although the saturation of the market, this boundary will move away. It is also important that the town was located next to one of the largest occurring in city traffic arteries. Most of the above projects are focused on the Obukhov, Zhitomir and Boryspil directions. Odessa, Vyshgorodskiy, Brovarske and Korosten direction while evolving to a lesser extent. However, as market saturation will begin the construction of settlements and there. Change the situation and construction of new roads: highway Kiev-Boryspil percent in direction, slopes Troyeshchyna-Desna with a new bridge over the river, the regional ring road.

Another important factor is the buyer's environment and natural conditions in the area of the town. It is primarily the presence of forests and ponds, the normal radiation situation and the lack of nearby large-scale enterprises. Thus, settlements are actively developing projects in a southerly direction due to radiation contaminated forests north of Kiev. The most attractive combination of natural and transport factors Obukhov direction is built up most actively. However, the woodland directly adjacent to the river Kozynka already almost completely built up, or distributed under construction.

In Zhitomir, Odessa and directions Brovarskom few natural ponds with running water. Therefore, one of the most promising from an environmental point of view is Boryspilske direction, particularly the floodplain of the Dnieper, abounding in meadows and lakes, "oxbows.

There is, however, several factors hampering the development of cottage settlements.

Firstly, it is unsettled land laws. Thus, the current moratorium on the alienation of agricultural lands sharply narrows the possibilities for the design: a large building plot is difficult to obtain, even if the local agricultural enterprises de facto do not use it. Changing the designation of the land is possible, but due to long delays and costly real estate developers, including "the corruption". There are significant limitations on the diversion to private ownership of coastal areas, particularly attractive cottage townships, which developers have to subtly bypass.

But the main problem is that the vast majority of potential buyers are invited to invest in building a cottage at the stage where "town" is at best a construction site, and at worst - an open field. In the market of cottage settlements has not been a scandal like the Kiev "Elita-Center". But buyers still need to seriously study the legal nuances of the contract with the developer.

In addition, we must distinguish the moments of putting into operation of a single cottage for a single buyer and a whole cottage. Because the plots are sold one at a time, and the construction begins after the investment and commissioning of the complex may be delayed. For example, a number of clients campuses, "veterans" are now looking for an opportunity to sell their houses to buy houses there and elsewhere due to the fact that they are tired for several years to live on site. And this possibility also must be provided at the stage of signing a contract with the builder.

Illustrative is the fact that banks are extremely reluctant to give loans to build houses in a cottage village. In their view, ownership of the facility being built there is too vague, so they can be considered as liquid.

From the standpoint of investment protection buyer the most acceptable is the so-called English system. Its essence is that investing in the construction of complete control of the developer, who then sells the finished cottage on a turnkey basis. He bears all the risks involved. In the primary market cottage real estate, such a system in Ukraine during the crisis very well developed.
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