Invest in the Ukrainian real estate will be Ukrainians

23.11.2010 13:53
Articles about real estate | Invest in the Ukrainian real estate will be Ukrainians Several studies conducted by international consulting firms indicate that the global market will be sufficient funds available for investment in real estate in 2011. Today there is every reason to believe that some of this money will be mastered in Ukraine, but they will come from Ukrainian sources.

Recently my attention was attracted by an interesting figure from the recent study The Great Wall of Money, conducted by international consulting company DTZ. The authors of this work came to a conclusion in the future in 2011 in the hands of global investors willing to invest in real estate, accumulated about $ 281 billion, no small sum, considering that this market is still far from arriving in perfect condition. We can assume that the lion's share of that amount will go to the Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and the U.S., where a little revived construction, and finished real estate again generate income. More interesting - what part of the potential volume of real estate investments will be in the Ukrainian market, which is also recovering, although it makes a much slower pace than the markets of developed countries?

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I think that we are talking about tenths and even hundredths of a percent. It will be money domestic investors - foreigners see good potential in Ukraine, but they are not yet ready to take on risks that are typical for our market. Even if we leave out the most troubling issues of bureaucratic delays in the allocation of land and construction permits, which are always deterred foreign developers, there is another important aspect - the foreigners simply can not compete with Ukrainian companies. The dollar is the dollar regardless of whether it was brought from the USA, Turkey, Japan or Ukrainian Donetsk, but the ability to adapt to the rules of the local market, which in principle operates without rules, and meet all his needs - much more important and more valuable than the dollar. Of course, today there are several examples of activation of foreign investors. Japanese and Turkish companies want to participate in the preparation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine and are even willing to allocate funds for this purpose under government guarantees. As we approach for Euro-2012 such examples will become greater.

But major investors remain domestic companies that have learned to work according to European standards, subtly feel the market need and satisfy it. By the present moment, many of them have realized that we needed not just build up the site received the same type of buildings, and to make beautiful projects with interesting architecture, an idea, approach. Company's old school, who are accustomed to take the quantity rather than quality, which can not renounce the Soviet approaches to work, more competitive. Very soon, these mastodons go away into the past and make room for young players who, despite the financial crisis, strong enough and stocked up with money to increase investment in construction in post-crisis years.
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