Invest in residential property profitable again

07.11.2010 13:20
Articles about real estate | Invest in residential property profitable again According to research company "MIEL", about half the capital's refurbished business class apartments are purchased as an investment. This is at least 15% more than its share of investment transactions on average in the secondary market. Such a high proportion of investment apartments due to the peculiarities of the proposal and the characteristics of investment buyers. Most often, analysts said the company "MIEL" investment apartment get married couples 35-45 years - 47% of all transactions account for this category. About 23% of customers - women with an active lifestyle from 25 to 45 years, having your business or occupy high posts. The current market situation shows that the time passed quickly for profit, and enter the market long-term investors. Despite this, according to experts, the most profitable in the medium term can bring investment in new business class.

"Today, the most attractive for investment in the medium term, from one year to three, are home-based business class - the director of the Department of elite real estate company Penny Lane Realty Aleksander Zima. - That is a solid brick with underground parking, located in North-West , South-western and western districts of Moscow. These areas are traditionally more attractive. Price of 3700-3900 U.S. dollars per square meter. When these rates with very high probability be able to get up to 25% per annum. I'm also quite optimistic about the potential for price growth in houses economy class. In this case, geography is much broader than the three counties that I called. Potential investors who gets the apartment only for profit, with a budget of 5-7 million rubles, I would advise to look at homes in the Eastern District. "

However, experts advise not to hope for a quick profit, as competition in the lower price segments is large enough. For a successful investment professionals recommend a clearly defined goal, a comprehensive and rigorous approach to evaluation of the investment object, preferably with the assistance of independent experts.

"We need to ask yourself a question and get an answer, but what I want to get from this investment? - Advises Alexander Zima. - Depending on the purpose of those objects in which to invest, can be quite different. We must realize that profitability in 1920 -25% of the amount invested at the current state of the economy in general and real estate market in particular is worthy. must record profits, and remember that with the rapid growth should stop, correction, and even rolling back down. "

Residential real estate market players pay attention to the fact that effective investments necessary to maximize properly and comprehensively evaluate the quality of consumer of the object of investment: at home in general, and flats in particular. If possible experts to evaluate and recommend current status of the builder. Also, remember that not always an attractive price is a major factor positive assessment.

"The most profitable apartment - a small studio in the heart of Moscow, - says head of leasing luxury apartments of Penny Lane Realty Vadim Lamin. - At the smart approach to solving this issue, that is, literate purchase, repair and rental, you can get up to 10% per annum. But this is only if the studio will be at the center, next to the subway, and finishing will be done in a contemporary style. In a small studio requires a minimum investment for repairs and small utilities, ie, all minimal normal rental rate.

Apartments in new houses, according to experts, shall be better, but only from the time when they are not very new. Since putting the house in operation must undergo at least three years, ie after the settlement will of the overwhelming majority of people.

In the suburban real estate investment attraction is formed by clients who are ready to buy. The most reasonable investment, according to experts, can become objects in the final stages of construction. Here you can get up to 30% per annum.

"In the higher price segments of the customer it is important that all of his fantasies about the house were met - the director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov. - In segments where there are salaried managers, even senior, important transport accessibility. It is also important to be able somewhere to do with children. They need to drive to school, kindergarten and somehow develop. Plus the opportunity to live out of town without going to Moscow to do some shopping, eat at a restaurant or go to the pool, if it is not in the house. So requirements are satisfied by very small amounts of the highway. "

The most interesting for investment, according to experts, it seems Minsk highway. Now there is a lot of infrastructure facilities, besides expanding the route goes. Also, experts advise to pay attention to the Kiev highway. It's fast, lighted track, and buildings in this area until thick.

Demand for suburban real estate market in Moscow, according to experts, is growing dynamically. As a result, over the past six months, the average price rose by 6%. At the end of the summer season, due to extreme weather conditions, the market formed untapped demand that is projected to return to the IV quarter of 2010, which would entail an increase in market activity.

"By the end of 2010 - the beginning of 2011 we expect an increase in demand for elite suburban real estate due to seasonal factors, pent-up demand, the season of bonuses and traditional discounts provided by vendors during the winter holidays, - the director of department of real estate company Knight Fran Elena Yurgeneva. - In the spring of 2011 the demand will continue to grow rapidly and reach pre-crisis levels. "

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