Invest in new buildings continue to benefit

27.03.2011 14:40
Articles about real estate | Invest in new buildings continue to benefit Housing in new buildings in Kiev is 21% more expensive than housing on the secondary market. In turn, the cost of rental housing in the secondary real estate market capital at 16% less than the rent in the primary market. Such data led to a press conference on Monday, director of the department evaluation consulting company "Samson" at the press conference, Vsevolod Zhogolev.

According to the experts present, investment in capital real estate is still promising. The dynamics of the market shows steady growth in the cost of housing, both the primary and the secondary market.

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"Investing in real estate more attractive than deposits. But realtors are lazy, they are too lazy to explain the real situation on the market. They are just suggestions illustrators "- said James Marcus, chairman of the Central advisory council of the Ukrainian society of appraisers and assessors of Ukrainian league of land.
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