Inventory of property under lease: how to make and for what?

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Articles about real estate | Inventory of property under lease: how to make and for what? As we know, there are three amounts, usually equal to the monthly rate that the tenant pays, renting a flat. If the agency commission for rental if you want to save quite possibly, the third sum - the collateral - is almost inevitable, even if you rent accommodation without intermediaries.

Willing to take the apartment without a security deposit (security deposit), there is little, and that's OK, another thing that does not necessarily amount of the deposit should be equal to the monthly rental cost. This amount is conditional and depends in particular on the degree of confidence landlord to tenants.

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bars denegPri it, even if the relationship between rental parties, warm and trusting, to abandon the security deposit, despite all the features of our mentality, not giving somehow negotiate the deal "with their" not worth it. As well as himself lease security deposit and concomitant distress are designed to protect and landlord and tenant of any possible misunderstandings. "Security deposit - this is not payment for the last month of their stay, this amount of money reserved for the possible damage to the property owner, unpaid utilities and phone bills, etc." - emphasizes Maria Zhukova, deputy director of MIEL-Rent " .

Why should I make an inventory of the property for rental? What items it should contain? How is the inventory?
"Acceptance of transfer of property is necessary in order to protect both parties from harm, in terms of both material and moral aspects of the issue. There are cases where one party may be badly hit, for whatever reasons, and in the absence of this document to prove otherwise would be very problematic, "- says Kirill Kokorin, Legal Counsel Legal Services Incom-Real Estate. In fact, the inventory, which is annexed to the Acceptance of transfer, protects the interests of both parties. "The inventory of property in the future will help prevent fraudulent claims from both the employer and from the landlord, - says Oleg Seregin, Deputy Director General of the Academy of Sciences DOKI. - The inventory is made in duplicate. The tenant and the landlord is doing round the apartment and checks the availability and condition of items with text inventory.

women lawyers to the contract "document drawn up in writing, indicating full name, passport details of the parties, in two copies (the third copy can be sent to his realtor)," - said Maria Zhukova.

With regard to items that it would be good to include in the inventory, they are dictated by practical experience. Basically, if you trust the realtor can keep an inventory on his mercy, but if there is doubt, better to control the process.

Says Cyril Kokorin, usually act property-transfer contains the following items:
• Description of the shortcomings of the object. For example, a socket in the bathroom de-energized, one tile in the kitchen sink cracked, the ceiling in the bathroom contains signs of flooding - peeling paint.
• Inventory of transmitted using the property. Here it is necessary to enumerate all the items of furniture and interiors, located in the apartment at the time of entry into the tenant. For example, in the hallway cabinet with a mirror used in a satisfactory condition, Dual rack for clothing used in a satisfactory condition, stand for the new shoes, etc.

cemetery household washing machines "In describing the appliance is not only specify the make and model, but also record the serial number. This is to ensure that enterprising employer could not replace the TV or a washing machine on a suitable description of the size and technique, but, for example, broken or worse in quality, "- emphasizes the expert.

• Performance counters. At the time of the act of reception-transmission of an apartment is necessary to remove all hours of fixing the energy consumption, water consumption, and enter them in the act. This will help avoid overpayment as a property owner and tenant.
• Send a full set of keys to the facility.

It is estimated the damage at the congress tenant? What is the role act of property-transfer? And maybe still do without an inventory?
At the moment of parting landlord with the tenant must, even if all the while give up apartment, relations were close to a chummy, back to serious matter: the damage assessment and determination of who should pay for the damage. The main difference is whether the impairment write-off Apartment for depreciation (and therefore repair at his own expense - business owner of an apartment) or to consider the harm (which, therefore, to be paid from the security deposit the tenant). "Usually in the process of using the most affected any mechanisms, such as loop cabinets, doors, doorknobs, etc. The damage to property, as opposed to depreciation, is visible to the naked eye: the broken brother-in-law, a broken mirror, etc." - illustrates the difference Cyril Kokorin.

klyucheySam transfer process of putting the apartment (transfer from the lessor to the lessee) should ideally be reduced to the absence of claims against each other. Crowned with a situation or an entry in the original inventory that claim non-existent or newly composed Acceptance protocol, which is signed by both parties, only the host is already a landlord.

What to do if the claim still is? "All the cases can not describe, - says Maria Zhukova. - Often, a lot depends on personal qualities and character of the owner and the tenant, as well as from the initial state of the apartment and furniture. If you can not agree, then as an independent third party can bring a realtor who helped make the deal. Customers of large real estate companies, as a rule, can count on the company in dealing with possible conflicts arising from the landlord during the term of the lease contract, creating a whole program of supplementary services "after-sale" service. " Private real estate brokers are able to cope with postarendnym service no worse, but it is important not to be mistaken with a choice of a mediator (usually here to help, or your own experience or recommendations).

Well, if you're working with a proven realtor and landlord - a remarkable man, who had not had any problems at all during the lease? Perhaps, in this case we can still pull the plug on inventory and other unnecessary papers?

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"Once an employer came to the bailiffs to describe the property. As it turned out, the owner owes the bank a decent amount of cash (non-payment on the loan). The Bank appealed to the court for the owner, the bank claims the court granted, and against the owner of enforcement proceedings were instituted. Since place of residence is an apartment, rented by the employer, the bailiffs came it there, and in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation have described all property owners, and along with the property situated therein tenant - gives the example of Cyril Kokorin. - As a rule, to prove to the bailiff that the TV and washing machine owned by the lessee at the time of the inventory will not succeed. To prove this, it must at least present the checks to the property, which remain extremely rare, and even if the bailiff will ignore these checks, then it can file a complaint - a complaint to the actions of bailiff ".

In this example, the employer was able to solve your problem, but not immediately: checks he did not have, and to return their household appliances, he had to go to court with a claim. Lessee failed to prove in court, exclude from the inventory property belongs to him and helped him to testify and the act of acceptance-transmission assets in the inventory which is no TV and a washing machine.

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