Introduction of the Tax Code reined growth in demand for property

01.03.2011 15:59
Articles about real estate | Introduction of the Tax Code reined growth in demand for property Introduction of the Tax Code reined growth in demand for primary housing. To such conclusion experts of Marketing Corporation "Avantage", summarizing the February primary housing market in Kharkov, wrote Building.

As the company says, in particular, the dynamics of demand affected by the Code provisions that govern the relationship between business persons and entities. According to experts, some potential buyers that engaged in business to postpone the purchase of real estate up until it finds the optimal mechanism of taxation and spending cuts.

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Therefore, in February of interest to the primary housing has not demonstrated the expected growth and remained at the level of January, experts say. In their view, the level of demand is also influenced by seasonal activity of buyers, which in the beginning of the year is traditionally low.

In contrast to the level of demand, supply level of primary residence in Kharkiv showed a marked increase. According to the marketing department of corporation "Avantage" in February, developers have published data on the commissioning of 6 houses. In addition, in the last month of winter for the housing market Kharkov out three objects of economy class.

The average price of primary residential real estate, according to the company in February fell by 0.5% compared to January. Experts attribute the decline to the market entry of the three objects of economy class, the cost of apartments in which low and corresponds to the initial construction phase. Also to reduce the cost impact actions that developers have traditionally carried out before March 8, experts say.
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