Interest in the home and dacha plots has doubled

18.10.2010 11:15
Articles about real estate | Interest in the home and dacha plots has doubled In the segment of the far cottages on the most popular destinations (in particular, it Novorizhskoe and Simferopol) in August, a sharp "jump" the recourse to the sales office, analysts said market. According to the company "ZemAktiv" in last summer month the number of calls from those who purchase lots and homes in suburban towns grew in half, and the number of hits - twice.

Experts note that, despite continuing in early August heat, the overall results of the month the interest of buyers to countryside sites economy class was even higher than is usual in this period. As a rule, the expert explained, the main stream who wish to buy suburban real estate is formed around the middle of September, when completed, and the holiday season and the season of adaptation of families to the new academic year. During this period, the demand for suburban real estate is usually close to that of April-May, when is the maximum number of transactions with the summer cottage sites. At the same time throughout the summer market is at a constant relatively low level of activity.

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"This year, summer and fall of interest in the purchase of cottages was more than usual, - said CEO ZemAktiv" Julia Severinenko. - The reason is obvious - the heat. In the end, those potential buyers who simply drove away from the capital region to other countries and regions joined by those who have been in Moscow, but was in no hurry to get out of the house. "

Thus, this category of potential buyers has formed a "plan" pent-up demand, the authors of the study. After the end of hot period, the activity of consumers has increased almost instantaneously and almost doubled. On the last week of August the interest of potential buyers somewhat weakened (which, inter alia, resulted from concerns about the upcoming September 1), but still was 10% higher than in the "hot" first half of the month. "Such a rapid change in August, is unlikely to" undo "a seasonal increase in activity in September - added Severinenko. - The fact that early in the second half of August was implemented pent-up demand, formed due to the weather. In September of the same buyers will come to market, missing in the capital during the summer months. "
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