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14.09.2009 15:18
Articles about real estate | Insure a house abroad "My home - my castle" - often we say. And sincerely wish that was true. But the reality, unfortunately, is that a person can not be careless in matters relating to health and property by failing to do appropriate action.

Do not prudent to take care about the safety of their foreign home?

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Choosing a company that will insure your foreign home, certainly take a look at one of the most important factors - the language of the insurance contract is made. As a rule, all documents are provided in the official language of the country. But if you bought a house, for example, in Italy and did not know the Italian language at the appropriate level, it is difficult to understand what is included in the insurance package, as it is determined by the insurance case and on what kind of compensation can be expected.

The signing of the insurance contract, which will not even discuss the expected and the conditions is simply unacceptable. Insurers and brokers willing to provide translation of the agreement on the Russian language, very little, and find them easy. A reasonable compromise can be translated documents into English - a service widely distributed in European countries.
It is important to take into account the nuances of

If you want to reduce costs, the Relate prices and services in the insurance contract that you sign. Reasonable alternative - to insure the house at the maximum possible amount of repair - it is in any case much less than the market value of housing. Do not forget to take into account the cost of repairing the outbuildings, swimming pools, gates, fences, etc.

But in any case not to underestimate the size of the area, seeking to reduce insurance premiums. The fact is that if the insured event happens, the insurance company may refuse to cover fully all costs, since insurance did not specify the correct data.

It is important to know that utilities in the condominium may include insurance for the building and common property, but not furniture and equipment installed in private apartments. Built-in wardrobes, kitchen furniture and bathroom - all this must be through their own insurance.

Those who have a private swimming pool, make sure that he is mentioned in the policy. Although most pools are included in the overall coverage of the building, some companies, especially in Spain, do not include swimming pools and additions - so beware. It is also necessary to know the local laws. For example, in France, private swimming pools can not be located in areas open to the public. Failure to comply with this law could lead to the fact that insurance will be invalidated.
How to save?

Insurance of foreign houses will be cheaper if the building is equipped with a fire or burglar alarm system, has strong doors, bars on windows, etc. If the house has very valuable things or collections, they can be incorporated into the description of housing and increase the amount of insurance payments in case of their loss. Of course, such insurance would cost a bit more expensive.

Also ask about excess insurance - is one way to reduce insurance premiums, while maintaining a decent payout. In this type of insurance the insurance company's responsibility and guarantees payment only if the damage exceeds a predetermined amount. If the damage was not large enough, the cost of fixing it rests with the policyholder. Such a scheme is not envisages reimbursement of minor losses, many companies can reduce insurance premiums by about 10%, while payments may be larger than conventional insurance.
Such a useful insurance

Acquires special importance of insurance in that case, if the property is expected to lease. After all, other than from natural disasters your property may suffer at the hands of the tenant. Lease, imposes liability on the tenant, make him relate to your property thrifty. This kind of insurance - is a common service, but still carefully check the terms of the contract!

It also happens that the insurance is valid only on delivery of housing for family and friends. Other companies may not be held responsible for damage caused by tenants.

It is also possible to insure against loss of income if you can not find a tenant at one time or another. This type of insurance is particularly important if the rental income goes to cover the mortgage. If for one reason or another home is uninhabitable, the owner may demand from the insurance company's reimbursement of rent and tenant - the cost of hotel accommodation.

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