Installments from the builder will never rival bank loan

03.12.2012 12:12
Articles about real estate | Installments from the builder will never rival bank loan Whether in the years mortgage installments oust from the developer, we expect a lower interest rate on your mortgage, why the president's initiative to reduce the cost of the mortgage is not a PR campaign, said Dmitry Zamotaev, head of retail banking "Ukrgasbank". How has the demand for mortgage lending in recent years?

D.Zamotaev: Demand for home loans is increasing. If you build the chronology, from 2009 to the present day, are the following factors that have influenced the increase in demand and the actual issuance of mortgage loans:

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2009 - since the situation in the market of bank lending to mortgage lending in this period was almost frozen. On the market were only affiliate programs lending to certain banks to certain partners;

2010 - marked by the restoration of retail lending. But, due to lack of long-term funding, a lack of understanding of the situation in the market and fresh memories of the crisis in 2009, the most actively developing a medium-term mortgage loans (auto loans) and short-term cash-lending;

2011 - pent-up demand in 2009 for real estate, a limited supply of mortgage lending in 2010, the need to increase the loan portfolio, the relative stability in the property market has led to the fact that since the second or third quarter of 2011 to the middle of 2012 , the number of mortgage loans, as well as the number of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate, with each month increased. How Mortgage Bank granted in 2012 (relative to what the height of 2011)? Has the ratio of primary cell \ secondary housing is made out of a mortgage?

D.Zamotaev: This year "Ukrgasbank" actively increase the volume of mortgage lending, four times higher than the rate of the mortgage portfolio in the previous year. The increase in lending has been achieved at the expense of the resumption of lending in the primary market. So, in 2012, "UGB" increased share of loans for house purchase in the primary market and 30% of the total issued housing loans.

These achievements are directly related to the successful launch of affiliate programs: for house purchase in the primary market in the residential complex "Chaika-2" partnership program with the largest construction holding "Kyivmiskbud" and other major developers. Finally, thanks to the active participation of "Ukrgasbank" in the national program "Affordable Housing" to the actual rate of three percent to maturity. What are the terms of the mortgage loan borrower (minimum down payment, the maximum term of the loan, and the cost of credit)?

D.Zamotaev: Currently, mortgage lending terms of "Ukrgasbank" remains one of the most competitive. Introduced range of mortgage products "Ukrgasbank" meets the needs of customers not only in buying a home in the secondary or primary real estate markets, but also in any consumer purposes (renovation, car purchase, receipt of services, etc.), the security of the existing real estate

Conditions are at a competitive price, the fixed rate for the whole period of the loan, long term, from acceptable to clients requirements to the size of its own contribution, namely:

- On receiving credit for buying a home in the secondary market - the maximum repayment period is 20 years, does not change the rate of 17.8% annually in local currency, 1.5% processing fee of the loan amount, with the proper fee will be 20% of market value acquired property;

- The purchase of housing in the primary market, credit conditions are as follows: loan term is 20 years, unchangeable rate 18.0% annually in local currency, 1.5% processing fee of the loan amount, with respect to its own contribution - Starting from 30% ;

- With a loan for consumption on bail of existing homes can expect to loan 50% of the market value of the collateral, the maximum period of 5 years, the rate depends on the loan period and varies 21,9-23,5%, with a one-time commission of 2% of the loan amount.

In addition to these standard programs, "Ukrgasbank" there are a number of affiliate programs lending more attractive to customers, credit conditions. As a bank comes to the choice of the borrower, what are the requirements?

D.Zamotaev Main features - the presence of confirmed income. The "UGB" may take into account the income and the guarantor, surety, if such a husband / wife of the borrower. Income must be sufficient to service the loan, and to sustain the family of the borrower.

Nonfinancial requirements include: the lack of previous convictions and negative credit history. Age of the borrower (guarantor - if his income were taken into account the financial condition of the family) to the end of the loan agreement shall not exceed 65 years.

Built procedure customer selection, based on the resulting long-term experience of work with individuals, provided an opportunity on the one hand - to increase the number of credits, on the other - to reduce the size of the debt re-stitched to lend, reducing it to a minimum. Some experts call the presidential initiative to lower the cost of mortgage PR stunt. Do you agree with this opinion?

D.Zamotaev: I do not share this view, since the results obtained in the implementation of this program allowed ordinary people with more than modest incomes to buy a real house. As of 01.11.2012, the only "Ukrgasbank" issued more than 600 credits. Can these achievements called "PR"? Should ask this question every single family that no program could not get a loan. Moreover, I am sure, the bank is interested in expanding its customer base - especially in the category of borrowers, who believed that banks trust - a sin, a mortgage for them - all of the expectations of paradise. Can we expect a lower interest rate on your mortgage?

D.Zamotaev: Due to significant cost of bank resources, unfortunately, the end of the year predicted a further increase in rates. What are the construction companies do you work?

D.Zamotaev: Today "UGB" is accredited for 70 developers and their number is increasing. A full list of contractors is available on the official website of the bank.

As the number of accredited developers are both major players, such as holding "Kyivmiskbud" and small regional companies. But regardless of the size of the company-builder, all developers in the accreditation experts analyzed the bank with increased attention to the reliability of their business. "Under the microscope" has been, and financial condition, and business reputation, and its shareholders, and the experience of working on specific projects. The main purpose of accreditation is to evaluate the possibility of the developer to implement its obligations to the client - the subject of the mortgage agreement.

Besides the fact that the bank's specialists have considered the builder during the loan, the bank continues to monitor the further construction, and in the case of detection of non-compliance, this deprives the developer of accreditation. Whether in the years to push mortgage installments from the builder? Under what conditions?

D.Zamotaev: Main business developer, is keeping construction. Therefore, the developer is interested in a short time to get revenue from the completed project to attach it to the next project. Therefore, installment never been and never will compete with bank credit extended by 10-20 years.

Dmitry Zamotaev Head of Retail Banking,
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