Inspectors Gasque can get virtually unlimited powers

10.01.2011 19:12
This week the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may take the second reading of the law "On regulation of urban development, which creates tremendous opportunities for corruption schemes.

Told MP, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy Matchuk Victor writes League.

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As the press service of the MP, this bill is requested to approve unlimited opportunities for Gask. Gasque inspectors are competent, "both the investigator and prosecutor, judge and the man who alone could reach a verdict" on the construction of any object.

"Those powers which are conferred upon him by this Act, give him the opportunity to hold in their hands any builder. He has the right, without explanation, complicate the life of a construction organization, and even halt the construction. And for this he will be nothing", - said Victor Matchuk.

In this regard, MP has proposed amendments to the bill aimed to ensure that regulate the activities of Gask. At the suggestion of Victor Matchuk, this body should operate exclusively in the form of scheduled inspections and unscheduled inspections can be carried out only by court order.

In addition, MP proposes to introduce responsibility for the material and moral damage to the inspectors Gasque, if they own unreasonable actions caused damage to construction companies.

"Responsibility must be bilateral. Under the current wording of the law they have zero liability and absolutely given full authority to make it impossible for the builders", - said Victor Matchuk. According to him, the law in its current form, "creates a huge field of corruption on the part of people in Gosarhstroykontrolya, since they depend entirely on the investment and construction company."

Another shortcoming of the bill on the regulation of urban development - is that after its adoption by the city, township and village councils will lose the right to take reshenagoroiya the allocation of land. But this feature will give the executive committees, and in Kiev and Sevastopol - City State Administration.

"Thus, all decisions on granting of land taken behind the scenes and not always for the benefit of society. I introduced an amendment to retain these functions for the advice, but obviously it will be rejected in the parliament", - said V. Matchuk.

According to Victor Matchuk, the initiator of the bill is the Cabinet of Ministers. The document itself provides a number of positive changes, in particular the shortening of obtaining land records up to 60 days and the deadline for receipt of documents at the start of construction - up to 50 days.

However, such positive law, according to the MP, are offset by the innovations that enable the development of corruption in Ukraine.
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