Innovative solutions in the market capital real estate

16.09.2010 04:56
Articles about real estate | Innovative solutions in the market capital real estate The company "NDV-estate", which has repeatedly acted as a "pioneer" in introducing various innovations in the market of Moscow real estate, recently introduced a new service - Trade-in. According to the Director General of the agency NDV-estate "Alexander Khrustaleva, this service will attract attention of potential customers and in the future will be extremely marketable.

Trade-in and netting: What's the difference?
These findings guide the company NDV-estate "has come under analytical studies on netting. Offsetting, presented by specialists of the company under the slogan "Change the old building to our new building!" Had great success in real estate transactions, according to statistics, by netting in "NDV-estate" today takes place over hundreds of transactions each month.

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However, offsetting, for all its relevance, allows you to buy a new apartment (and including recycled funds) only after selling the old one. And let the support of "NDV-estate" The whole procedure takes no more than three months, yet many buyers were interested in more quickly.

Trade-in, according to Alexander Khrustaleva, is an almost instant redemption. Literally within two to three days after the treatment the client company is assessment of housing and choice of apartments in new buildings. The old apartment was adopted by the final result as providing part of the cost of new housing. Trade-in - a unique service, which is on the market today provides its customers only the company NDV-Real Estate. The main advantage - in the fastest timing of buying a new apartment. To purchase a new building to the buyer no longer need to wait to sell the old dwelling.

TRADE-IN (express-credit)
The essence of the new service: the customer within two days, can exchange their old apartment on the new building from "NDV-Real Estate. This was made possible thanks to the fact that our company has introduced financial mechanisms that result in repurchases over the apartment (or room) on the client, giving him instead of an apartment in a newly built house.

Department analysts estimated the company NDV-estate ", under the new scheme can be exercised up to 15% of new buildings.

The second name of the service - Express-credit ". The company "NDV-estate" has long been in demand operation netting, which allows for the exchange of old housing in an apartment in a newly built house.

According to the company NDV-Real Estate, about 87% of alternative transactions of the company falls on netting.

Micro Tsaritsyno: an innovative project
Trade-in will be tested, promising a newly built neighborhood Tsarina. This is not the first ground-breaking decision, taken into service for this project. So, buyers of apartments in the Tsarina additionally insured against financial risks through partnership "NDV-estate" with the insurance company ROSNO.

The company "NDV-estate" bases its work on the principle of industrial sales. Volumes of housing, which are sold with the support of "NDV" is more than ambitious. And it is the magnitude of sales suggests prices are quite democratic. Thus, one-room apartment 50 square meters with a finish in the Tsarina can be bought at a price of 95,000 rubles per square meter.

The policy of the company's sales are inextricably linked with the special policy construction. The technology used by "NDV-estate" in collaboration with developers, allow to build high quality buildings in record time. All this together makes it possible to optimize the cost per square meter.
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