Innovations in Mykolayiv in the housing sector

04.04.2011 16:25
Articles about real estate | Innovations in Mykolayiv in the housing sector Corporate social responsibility in Mykolayiv'll get in local government "youth" of the Fund - the first time in this business for money business build housing for young families on the periphery of the area. And this is only a pilot project, that is, the beginning of cooperation "molodozhki" with the business, says managing director Nicholas State Fund Youth Housing Assistance Basil Fedoronchuk. The details of the innovative project, advances in traditional areas of "youth" stock in Mykolayiv and prospects for the future chief of the department said in an interview.

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Vasily Mikhailovich, whether it was true that this year the first time in Mykolayiv business will join the state of such crucial tasks as housing for young families?

So, in 2011, our department one of the first in Ukraine began a major new strategic direction - the mobilization of extrabudgetary funds in implementing state and local programs for youth housing. Problem was posed by the new management of the Fund last year and this year we already have a suitable cooperation agreement with an agricultural enterprise "Kolos", which is involved in animal husbandry in the area on Ochakovo Mykolayiv, and demonstrated willingness to make such an important step in the development of social responsibility businesses in our region.

Please tell us about the details of this project.

Cooperate with this enterprise, we started last year, when "Kolos" drew on the production of a young family from the Kiev region - wife veterinarians who have two children, they got soft loan for housing at the expense of the regional budget. In the same year the company is ready to give in their own interest-free loan funds to be interested in the work needed highly qualified specialists - agronomists, economists, accountants and others. In particular, it is 400 thousand UAH, out of which will be built cottage on two-family area of ??250 sq.m. Under the house the village council is ready to allocate land.

In the future we are considering the possibility of sending funds of the enterprise, such as a partial repayment of interest on loans received by a young family in a commercial bank, or directly to the fund, which now has the opportunity to provide loans to build houses at their own expense.

In your opinion, how significant this project? It's a very small amount of funds across the region.

Firstly, this project will certainly be meaningful to the families who take part in it as well as purchasing their own homes - one of the most important events in the lives of young people. Secondly, it is only a pilot project that is the beginning of work in this direction, which will certainly evolve and gain volume. This is not just about providing young people with housing, as such, but the decision is very important issue - as are interested to work in rural areas of young specialists, and the question for young people in housing areas is one of our top priorities.

And thirdly, this is not the only direction in our work, and he is innovative, and the fund for more than 10 years of experience in implementing programs on youth housing policy, here we also do not stand still, we have a very extensive prospects.

Let's now talk about, so to speak, the traditional program, which performs the Fund at Mykolayiv. What kind of programs, how they operate, and what achievements have? After all, you control the regional administration for almost 12 years ...

How do you say, traditionally, since 2000 we are implementing a state program providing young people with housing. For the state programs were adopted by the relevant provincial and city in Mykolaiv and about 20 programs in the areas. About the outcome, the overall state aid in buying a home received more than 500 young families Mykolayiv worth around 50 million USD .. through state and local budgets, and equity fund. State aid youth gets into a long-term soft loan or partial compensation for lending rates of commercial banks.

Unfortunately, since 2005, we have experienced reduction in funding from the state of the program youth concessional lending, and in 2009 - a complete shutdown of financing from the state budget at the time saved by only the support of local budget and its own resources fund. In 2010, after the appointment of a new government and a change in leadership of the Fund allocation from the state budget was resumed, that is, the program was revived.

Now young people under 35 years of age who are on housing lists, eligible for public long-term soft loan for housing construction. To do this they need to apply to our regional management and to register in the rating of the Fund - it is absolutely clear the computer system, which was published on the official website of the Fund, which determines the priority in getting a loan on certain factors, for example, has a family of children, there is a family of young scholars or athletes et al. Credit is granted for 30 years at 3% per annum if the family has children, then gets more and more benefits. For more information about participation in the program can be found on the official website of the Foundation

In addition, the Fund has the ability to provide a "youth" credits at their own expense. There's higher interest rate, but also quite privileged. For example, last year it was 10,75% per annum.

It is known that at the end of last year in Ukraine opened a new state housing program "Affordable Housing", which also performs the Fund. Will affordable housing residents Mykolaiv?

In autumn 2010 we started working on the implementation of this new public housing program, which, in my opinion, is the most promising. In October 2010, with the active work of the regional fund management, regional management of Construction and Architecture of Regional State Administration, Capital Construction Department Executive Committee, have been developed and approved by the appropriate regional program and in March 2011 - The city of Mykolayiv. These programs provide up to 2017 to build in Nikolaev more than 8,5 thousand apartments. Already generated a preliminary list of facilities and land, which will participate in the Affordable Housing. Among them - a complex of apartment buildings on almost 40 thousand square meters. pm in microns. North Mykolaiv, construction of which the customer is Mykolayiv Regional Administration of the Fund.

The essence of the program lies in the fact that the state provides to citizens in need of better housing conditions, irrevocable grant of up to 30% of the cost of housing. Stress that this is not a loan and grant, that is to return the money was not needed. Participation in the program is available to citizens with no age restrictions, which are on the housing register and have the opportunity to pay 70% of the cost of housing. This year the program involved objects that have a degree of readiness of the construction of more than 70%. List of states inter-ministerial commission Minregionstroya, and then still checks Foundation - is a building permit, not the property is located in the pledge, and others. Such careful control for developers in the future exclude the conversion of these facilities in long-term construction. And with the final list of people can choose their apartment in any house that it is more interesting.

What prospects are public housing program, which performs the Fund for the Mykolayiv in 2011?

At the end of March this year the regional council has decided to increase in 2011 funding for youth concessional lending from 1.8 mln, due to which families have received loans in February, up 4.5 mln .. Must we continue to develop effective cooperation with regional and city in Nikolaev boards, councils in towns and districts of the region, because together we can solve current and urgent problem of many young families - the question purchase their own homes. With regard to funding from the state budget, we have a clear tendency to increase the government's attention to citizens in need of better housing conditions. In 2010, as I said earlier, was revived by the youth program of preferential loans and started a new very powerful program, "Affordable Housing". And this year is expected in Ukraine as a whole to allocate twice as much money on both programs, compared with last year. Thus, the planned 60 million USD .. for youth loans and 150 million USD .. on Affordable Housing. I personally will make every effort to Nikolaevschina took a leading position in the distribution of these funds, and that it was a family in our region were able to quickly obtain government assistance in housing construction.

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