Innovation can reduce costs for buildings up to 50%

30.11.2011 15:45
Articles about real estate | Innovation can reduce costs for buildings up to 50% With the innovative technology used in construction, you can reduce costs for buildings by 50%. This is related by experts in the field of design, construction, building maintenance and IT during the event, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, dedicated to the innovative future of the real estate market of Ukraine - UREC Innovations Conference 2011.

According to experts, innovative approaches can reduce costs for buildings up to 50%. A good example of this building was a project of Paul Wurth Quarter in Luxembourg. Director of Engineering Division of the "green" building in the company of Paul Wurth Kay Friedrichs (Kay Friedrichs) noted that "the use of new technologies can reduce the consumption of potable water in buildings by 17% and electricity - 40%. Given that energy costs will grow all the time, it will save money for the operation of real estate. "

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An important point in the application of innovative technologies for Ukrainian investors and developers is their profitability. However, many experts have already realized the benefits that bring energy-efficient schemes of work. "The question is not whether, for how many years will pay the costs of technology, but the fact that the decline in spending increases the flow of cash (Cash Flow), and this is evident from the ongoing projects" - said Managing Partner Forum Evolution Igor Melnik.
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