Inheritance of Property Abroad and other assets

26.11.2010 18:05
This paper will be useful for anyone who wants to after his departure to another world of his property was inherited correctly. And also for relatives and other heirs, in advance once considering the matter.<br /><br />First of all, should know that the property is divided into movable and immovable, and the inheritance of the first and second somewhat different. In both cases, in most countries a deadline to the right of inheritance - usually at least six months. This is done to ensure that all potential successors managed to identify their willingness to enter into the inheritance.<br /><br />Driven by foreign assets - such as stocks and bank accounts, is inherited in accordance with Russian law and a procedure carried out by a Russian notary. The notary issues a document to get respective values in foreign institutions.<br /><br />In turn, foreign real estate is inherited by the laws of the country to find and often without the participation of Russian notary. The exceptions are the countries of the CIS or signed an agreement with Russia, and there are very few. If the property is located within the European Union, the procedure of his inheritance passes through the notary of the country.<br /><br />Most likely, the European rules of inheritance - such as a list and prioritize the heirs, the size of their binding quota - will not meet Russian standards. This may cause a conflict of rights and create a foundation for a complex trial. For example, the law determines the priority of Montenegro's inheritance of the deceased spouse, and parents and children in certain circumstances, can do nothing to get.<br /><br />To protect the people you want to bequeath their property abroad, we recommend you make out a will by a notary or a lawyer of the country where the property is located. Desirable to include directly in the formulation of such a testament "of property belonging to me, namely, a house in France at ...". This is to not generalize all property which may be in Russia or anywhere else. This is the surest way to avoid conflicts of law enforcement and unnecessary disputes.<br /><br />Interestingly, even in the presence of such a right of intestate personal property still needs to be implemented through the process of a Russian notary. These are the features of the international enforcement of national laws on inheritance.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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