Infrastructure mirages in the cottage

10.03.2011 09:30
Articles about real estate | Infrastructure mirages in the cottage Several years ago, at the beginning of rapid growth of suburban real estate market, developers have been fashionable to include projects in a large number of cottage settlements, as they say, "infrastructure." Under this technical term means trade, service, entertainment, sports facilities, intended to make life in the village better and more complete. Now, it seems, it's time to see what lies behind these promises and how they perform.

The very idea of saturation of the project cottage community "infrastructure" was from the early stage of market development, when the elite settlements on the potato fields had already been, and life in them was not. The first buyers of suburban property are faced with the fact that an elite nor was their problem, the bad, when there are empty, nowhere to go, nowhere to buy cigarettes, beer and meat. Say more: it turns out that for permanent residence in the summer at the dacha, and family members happy homeowners desperately yearn for the urban quality of life. Children do not have a playground, and just the space for "hangouts" and communication, the wife complain about the impossibility of a manicure. On potato fields Vsevolozhsk and Repin-Leninist nowhere to walk and have no place to swim. Furthermore, promises a rich infrastructure exhibited a village elite, offering better quality of life, creating additional sales.

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As a result, in 2006-2008, declared "a standard set of" infrastructure elite cottage settlement included a playground, recreation and sports complex (bath, sauna, swimming pool, sometimes a spa, gym), children's playground, shops, cafes and / or restaurant. If the village was located near a river or lake, be sure to declare the beach and pier for boats. Occasionally caught in commercial towns of various bakeries, shopping and business facilities, beauty salons, recreational areas. Among the towns that are rich in infrastructure promises, "Mountain Watch», «San Repino», «Lukomorye" and "Emerald City», «Lakesberry Club», «Sukhodolsk", "Kivennapa, from very recent -" The Mariinsky estate "and" Peterhof City.

In the face of global crisis and the saturation of the market, suddenly found that villages with infrastructure provision is not so simple. Firstly, it is unclear who should pay for it all, both literally and figuratively. In the cottage home to an insufficient number of permanent residents, to ensure a steady demand for services offered. In addition, the declared infrastructure are generally built in the last turn, and of particular interest to bring the work to the end of the builder no. Experience has shown that some developers can not avoid temptation and begin to build up the infrastructure of the territory under the same cottages.

Second, build quality infrastructure is not so simple. Claimed playgrounds are transformed into groomed tennis courts, playgrounds - a bleak set of "house-ladder-slide for children from one year to three. Sandy beach without proper care for two years, eroded and overgrown with reeds, planting area generally takes several years and has all chances to be abandoned halfway. Not enough to build a pier for boats (by the way, 9 times out of 10 of its built very tightly to the beach that goes across not only laws but also common sense), we must also not forget about the boat ramp for launching boats, boathouses and other uninteresting, but necessary things. In the shops (if they are built and work, what a rarity) low range, it's easier to go to the general store in a neighboring village or in the supermarket. A catering - all cry Yaroslavna: The author has visited almost all the cottage villages of Leningrad Region and have never seen a cafe or restaurant.

Thirdly, dreams and real needs of people - two different things. For example, dreams of a sports complex - this is exactly what dreams are in reality very few people come to mind to go to the gym in the country. Nice to be able to buy a cottage next to the product, but people tend to make purchases in hypermarkets. Normal operation of a cafe and bathing and sauna centers requires free access to the territory of the village "outside" people. Any "art projects" in general with little cross-town life. And so on and so forth.

Analysis has shown that settlements are fully realize the promise of infrastructure, very little. In The Pines "on Sukhodolskiy lake infrastructure started to build houses at the same time. As a result, the summer of 2010 there were prepared and operated the pier, beach, road, spring 2011 will be built and run a restaurant. In the "Port" Nobody promised cafes and other frills, but promptly and efficiently created the promenade and a good playground. The experience of "Petrostil" (settlements "Ship of pine," "Hills," etc.) - where the emphasis is deliberately on the infrastructure and services that really demand by tenants. For example, people are happy to go to the beach equipped and participate in organized holidays, use the services of organized wholesale procurement and delivery of alcohol and certain foods. In "Pravdinskaya lake" of "pooled resources" (now - "Landskrona") works shop.

By individual large village infrastructure, according to the author, not to implement and does not support them. It seems that from the perspective of developers, the best solution for the pathetic infrastructure is the construction of "bush" of objects, designed for several towns, plus a significant flow of external customers. Something similar is rumored to be planning to implement a ski resort "Igor." The same thing - and in terms of population. Cinema, gym, shop, barber shop - always a no, but "the publication, visit the public space. Do not try to do his chamber, "for their", "superelitnym. And then, in a city all the same thing will always be better, livelier, more interesting. Cottage, after all, a little bit of both.

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