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28.09.2010 03:00
Articles about real estate | Infrastructure in the cottage - no respect As the market town real estate developers have declared an extensive infrastructure in the construction of cottage townships. As far as today's realities correspond loud statement - in the material Building.

Change of plans
It is estimated Maria Sanin, head of sales department suburban residential complex "Sun City", now on the suburban real estate market in Kiev region in the active phase are not more than 20 projects. Another order of 50 due to lack of funding are built slowly and irregularly. In such conditions, most developers can not afford to spend money on the implementation of infrastructure. Therefore, they are either significantly narrowed the list of welfare projects, or delaying their construction. However, the need for infrastructure for the buyer is clear. According to Jaroslav Varenik, project manager cottage DreamLand, without an established infrastructure and service operation claimed cottage villages turn into newly built villages with all its charms, such as the gradual dilapidation of roads and communications, the absence of even minimal customary in the town services, insecurity of residence. In the opinion of the experts agree Natalia Shevchenko, Head of Sales cottage "Sun Ray": "It is a proposal to suburban real estate market still exceeds demand. Buyers will be surprised just square meters outdoors. Own security service and MAINTENANCE - mandatory attribute of every village. As for the other elemental infrastructure, it all depends on the status of the town, the higher the status, the richer should be infrastructure. "

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Sergey Eliseev, CEO of SC "Europa" (cottage village "0lіmpіk-Ragk") notes that in times of crisis felt by problems with construction not only of social infrastructure, but also the villages themselves. "In our town was originally planned to build social facilities after his settlement, in 2012-2013 - the expert speaks. - So deadlines specified objects we have not revised. "
According to Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing company SV Development, developers do not hurry to revise their infrastructure plans. Indeed, the majority of cottage townships with a wide range of social and public services came to market before the crisis. This large-scale projects implementation period which is designed for five years, with infrastructure expected to build on the last stage, when able to raise investors' money. Economic crisis in Ukraine continues least two years. Therefore, developers are hoping for positive changes in the economy which will contribute to revive consumer demand and raise funds to build infrastructure. But, according to experts, most of the alleged welfare facilities and will not be built: the financing of work falls on the shoulders of the potential buyer, and it dramatically reduces the competitiveness of the cottage community.
Oleg Homa, director of 000 "cherry Mistechko" indicates that the developers had to reduce the amount of planned infrastructure. But this in no way does not mean a complete rejection of it, because such a move will scare away potential customers. Developer not only lose credibility with buyers, but the risk is never complete settlement. As a rule, its implementation has already invested large funds (project development, land allocation, engineering infrastructure, the construction itself), so do not end it - is irrational.

What do the buyers?
With regard to the wishes of customers, the vast majority of them want to see in the cottage "complete list of objects of social infrastructure." "But as to ask clarifying questions about the fact whether they are prepared to pay about $ 1000 for her service greatly reduces the number of applicants," - notes Eliseev.
In the view of Sanya, is now most needed infrastructure marketplace (mini market, pharmacy, restaurant), fitness (swimming pool, fitness center, fitness center, bath-and-recreation complex) and social (kindergarten, school sometimes).
B. Stepenko three types of infrastructure: the basic, necessary and development. Of course, the buyer selects a developed infrastructure, but in this case, it should be understood that the cost will fall on his shoulders. The golden mean lies between the infrastructure and expensive property on the one hand and a more modest infrastructure and real estate is cheaper, on the other. It should take into account that some developers have announced a broad infrastructure just to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But whether it will actually be built - is still under question.
According to V. Stepenko, in the village, where the construction of 20 houses, only a small mini-market and tennis courts. In the towns of the 50 homes it is also advisable to construct a universal playground for football and basketball, a small sports complex with a gym. And in suburban complexes of more than 1000 homes must provide sufficient wide range of welfare facilities and entertainment destination. For example, the draft ZaSpaGolf (Concha Zaspa, Obukhov district) said the construction of golf courses, yacht clubs, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, casinos, etc. This infrastructure may well be compared with the capital. Another question is whether it will be realized.
Alla Zhabyuk, consultant sales company Inkons ", believes that in small towns is quite possible to confine the protection, maintenance and service or mini-supermarket. And here is an extensive infrastructure demand in towns, for 70 houses and more.
First of all, the residents of necessary operating company that supports the basic conditions of life of the town: engineering services network to provide garbage collection.
It is extremely important and the opportunity to purchase in the village products. Depending on the size of the town for this purpose can be built shopping center, mini market or grocery store. However, according to A. Homa, even residents of large complexes such as "Severynivka" and "Maetok. Skarbnitsya Єvropi "will not be able to ensure profitability of the average supermarket. So here is appropriate cooperation with other towns.
Shopping and entertainment or sports and entertainment complex could draw only a large cottage: the amount of infrastructure should be proportional to the number of residents. As pointed out by Eliseev, create a shopping and entertainment center for the village for 1200 houses completely rational, but for 100-200 homes is inappropriate.
For any small town is completely lift playground. But fitness, according to S. Eliseev, in connection with the crisis of the settlements clearly gone, because residents are not willing to pay extra for these services. And this despite the fact that fitness is more suitable for class projects "premium" and "business". With this view agrees A. Homa, because after the reduction of the fitness center to the format of the gym he will cease to be in demand. To the list of optional elements of the infrastructure expert classifies and tennis courts.
With regard to social infrastructure, then, according to A. Zhabyuk, the potential
buyer primarily interested in, whether built and operated there in the village kindergarten and primary school. And more demand for pre-school, because every day to carry small children in a kindergarten out of the town for the parents is difficult. But older children take in school is necessary easier.
Also, residents of the village if you do not need ambulance, then at least a pharmacy. And in the absence of bank branches must act at least a terminal for cash payment.
Among other things, in the village have to be provided for park and recreation area. "Houses in cottage settlements buy mostly family people, - said A. Zhabyuk. - Very important for them to have a backyard where you can walk and relax with their children - a park, playgrounds and sports grounds, outdoor terrace, a swimming pool. "
The list of infrastructure depends on many factors. "Placing
cottage settlement in the vicinity of Kyiv or in its boundaries partly compensates for the lack of infrastructure, especially trade, because people can make purchases in the capital ", - noted Mikhail Sanin.
It should be noted that the direct dependence of the infrastructure of the settlement class is not observed. B. Stepenko indicates that sometimes small towns category "Economy" offer less social infrastructure than the elite. But, according to an expert, not all high draft declaration welfare projects underway.
A. Zhabyuk notes that before the crisis of infrastructure in some way dependent on the class settlement. But with the onset of economic recession in the forefront for developers got the profitability of the project, and the main factor in the construction of social and living and entertainment facilities was the size of the town. After creating an extensive infrastructure in the village on 30 houses - even in the elite - just not profitable.

That developers are building
Despite the opinion of some experts on the immutability of the intentions of developers on infrastructure development towns, there is hardly a single developer, who would not reconsider his plans during a crisis.
So, in the cottage "Olіmpіk-Ragk" most likely refuse to create a restaurant, because the neighborhood in Zhitomir highway act a little less than a dozen similar facilities. Be built in the town just a cafe. With regard to schools, the Eliseev assured: "The school will be built, and we expect that it will be quite effective."
The "Cherry Mіstechku has already created three children's park and playground. Soon there are going to run and community center. It was built in conjunction with the developer of the village "Zoloche": this collaboration has allowed cheaper construction and find the necessary amount of customers. Also built the building the British International School and car wash. But, unfortunately, not all of the infrastructure in both towns functioning. As noted by A. Homa, before developers are counting on the fact that the settlements will come network operators. But networkers do not rush to the cottage towns, because there is limited number of potential consumers, and hence the amount of profit is small. As a result, developers have to think not just about building infrastructure, but also about their own care. Many developers are poorly versed in the management of restaurants and fitness rooms - that's the difficulty.
In the village "Sun Ray" of the alleged infrastructure is ready to supermarket
and tennis courts. The builder has also begun construction of a fitness center with a restaurant.
In the settlement "Maetok. Skarbnitsya Svropi has already built the infrastructure, including a shopping center. But the sports complex there had originally planned a little. Sadness for the parents may be no kindergarten. Surely, the developer hoped that villagers will benefit from Kiev preschools.
In the village of "Sun Valley" at the beginning of this year, began to build a restaurant, sports complex and a mini-market. But the crisis has brought into their options, some adjustments. For example, the format of the restaurant made the club and reduced the number of seats. Reduced and the footage sports complex, leaving him a swimming pool, gym, children's play complex and removed from the project tennis courts, squash courts and boxing rings. Became less and the area supermarket, since only 2 km from the village built megamarket. At the moment, "Sun Valley" is already open parkland and car wash. Also planned to build a kindergarten with elementary school and medical center (the start of construction is scheduled for September-October).
In "Severynivka" kindergarten, school and sports complex began to build early in the downturn. Despite the crisis, the construction of these facilities has continued, and now it is almost finished.
Near the settlement Romanovo developer wisely placed the health center with SPA and swimming pool. Services of the complex will benefit not only residents of the town or nearby villages, but also people of Kiev.
"Building the infrastructure - one of the bulk of expenditure under
construction of cottage, - says Mikhail Sanin. - Therefore, the savings on the implementation of social projects - one of the options for increasing the low liquidity of projects. After all, when the developer is constructing housing units, he can sell it and send the money to invest construction or coverage obligations. With infrastructure, which are intended for rent, return on investment is significantly longer, which creates a shortage of liquidity. In such circumstances, developers of cottage projects abandoned in the first place by over-inflated before shopping and entertainment component, reducing them to a minimum - says Mikhail Sanin. - In the absence of the target co-investor or a tenant with a signed agreement of intent on payback period for such high-capacity infrastructure components, such as hotel or medical center, the developer postponed their implementation at a later date or else completely abandons the idea. "
According to Victoria Dawn, director of marketing corporation "Golden Gate", usually developers refuse to build expensive and unprofitable in the content objects, such as kindergartens, schools and restaurants. Mostly it occurs either in small towns or in those who are close to all necessary infrastructure.
B. Stepenko also confident that developers will try to save money on construction of social and cultural facilities. Because at the moment-to-market project, they announce the most extensive infrastructure to attract buyers. But when the developer has sold all the houses, he may abandon the construction of a school or other facility, saying it lack of money. According to experts, some developers realize only about 50% of applications infrastructure. However, developers of projects such as, for example, "Zoloche" and "Sun City", value their reputation, because we can expect that in all their towns will be built.

Price issue

The cost of the infrastructure initially difficult to determine. It all depends on the concept of the project, its location, often even than the interests of the owner. "In our time, investment in infrastructure should not greatly reduce the liquidity facility, - says Mikhail Sanin. - One must keep in mind the needs of residents. Adequate investment in infrastructure - about 5-10% of the total investment in the towns of business class, and about 5-20% in the projects category of "premium".
Ruslan Hitsyuk, Director of Sales Club village Riviera Villas, calls the higher figures, explained to that in a civilized approach to the implementation of country-fair project developer may spend up to 30% of the total project budget to build infrastructure.
For the construction of the entire infrastructure - and engineering, and social and domestic - in total it may take about half the amount spent on the implementation of
cottage settlement. For example, in "Cherry Mіstechku" data items of expenditure accounted for about 50% of the cost of the project. Only community center area of 6000 square meters. m, built in conjunction with the developer of the village "Zoloche", demanded the investment of tens of millions of dollars.
If the construction cost per square meter without finishing the order of $ 800, then the construction of the shopping center area of 500 square meters. meters will cost $ 400,000. For a building area of 5000 square meters. m price of $ 4 million if we consider that the construction of a square meter for finishing costs about $ 1000, the sum will be even more impressive. Valuable equipment shopping center for the operation raises the cost of the project in about 40%.
Must take into account the possible increase in the cost of infrastructure maintenance.
Eliseev indicates that this could happen, because rising gas prices. But the objective conditions for the tariff increase for the villagers there. Their growth is possible only if the developer was originally made blunders, his conservative fare.
B. Stepenko also draws attention to the fact that the infrastructure maintenance fee has not changed significantly. In the cottage economy and business class fares to UAH remained the same, but in dollar terms and at all declined because of foreign exchange currency fluctuations. In the elite settlement rates have decreased from an average of $ 1000 to $ 600 a month.

Regional infrastructure
As the opportunities to build and maintain an extensive infrastructure inside the cottage small, growing importance to the village acquires the infrastructure of the area.
Eliseev indicates that the developers long ago was worth more thoughtfully consider the environmental infrastructure and not to rely only on their own. "In principle, such a use of the potential area makes sense, especially if the project takes place in several bursts", - said Mikhail Sanin. However, Oleg Homko, head of the company "DIO Group believes that the infrastructure of the area can compensate for the internal infrastructure per cent of 10-20%, because the quality of local facilities sotskult-life, usually very far from ideal.
According to A. Homa, it is advisable to combine the infrastructure of several cottage townships, as one developer is very difficult to create a full range of social and public services away from other objects.
But V. Stepenko believes that we should speak rather of the infrastructure nearest settlements. The developer decides for himself how much he will be able to save money on construction project. If the builder of settlements of class "economy" and "Economy +" believes that the primary motive for the buyer - the price he will offer him a house worth $ 1000 per sqm. m and infrastructure nearby settlements. Another developer conceives infrastructure, intending to sell houses at a price of $ 1300 per sqm. m
All experts agree that the most developed infrastructure in terms of Obukhov direction. The abundance of restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment centers, equestrian clubs, the beach area of Blue Lake allow homebuyers to the campuses to make up the lack of internal infrastructure. "But in other areas of social and domestic sphere is not so developed, so the developers can not do without building their own infrastructure projects", - says A. Zhabyuk.

Benefits will be less
According to projections W. Stepenko in the near future should not expect dramatic changes in terms of social infrastructure. Builders continue to declare on paper create a broad service complex, but actually implement their plans will not always. Among the pleasant exceptions - built the basic infrastructure in Koncha Zaspa and a number of objects that are implemented in the villages "Maetok. Skarbnitsya Europe "and" Sun City ".
M. Sanin indicates that funding for the construction of infrastructure falls on the shoulders of the consumer. Therefore, the smaller the town and the bigger the infrastructure, the greater its share in the cost of housing. When you activate the market and leaving it frozen projects implementation issue will rise very sharply. One of the first levers of influence - price. One of the main sources of savings - reducing the bloated infrastructure. This concerns primarily small (10 ha) and medium (up to 30 ha) villages. According to the expert, the only way out for them, development of infrastructure units in places of concentration of cottage projects. If a common infrastructure will use some settlements, this will significantly reduce their costs and increase the attractiveness of themselves everyday and shopping and entertainment facilities in the eyes of the operators.
A. Zhabyuk predicts that in future infrastructure projects will become more compact, practical, rational and balanced. This will save them the need for residents and club atmosphere in the village. In large towns developers to successfully sell the home, have both built and put into operation social facilities. But the fate of infrastructure in small cottage communities until the end is uncertain: there is a probability of default by developers of their obligations.
Ivan Danyuk
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