Infrastructure for recreation projects in the country

09.10.2010 10:35
Articles about real estate | Infrastructure for recreation projects in the country Venue of the meeting was not accidental - Pirogovo is a leader on a variety of infrastructure for recreation among the suburban towns. The discussion brought together leading experts in the field of elite suburban real estate - the leaders of villages, resorts and real estate companies: Maxim Sukhar'kov, Guta-Development, the project "The resort Pirogovo, Vadim Praca, managing director of Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club, Irina Kalinina, head Department of suburban real estate company Tweed, Elena Pervakov, managing partner of Soho Estate, Alex Artemiev, Head of suburban real estate Kalinka Realty, and Timur Saifutdinov, Managing Director of the Department of Residential Real Estate Blackwood.

During the round table on the example of the most striking projects from different perspectives discusses the relationship between the infrastructure for recreation and development of villages, resorts. "Currently, the Moscow region there are four such clubs village: Pirogovo," Tseleevo », Agalarov Estate,« Pestovo ", - said Darya Vinogradova, Director of Sales Golf - and the Yacht Club Pestovo.

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Infrastructure and housing: What comes first?

Classic European pattern: infrastructure develops simultaneously with the settlement. As noted by many participants of the round table - it is the most convenient option for the Realtors and developers. When choosing accommodation, the potential buyer sees is the infrastructure, while the developer selling the property, has the ability to actively invest in the development of the resort. Construction of the golf course quite a long project that takes from two to four years and require substantial investments. For example, one well, as told Vadim Praca, managing director of the club "Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club is worth a million dollars. On a "simultaneous development of infrastructure and real estate" built "Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club" and "Golf and Yacht Club Pestovo in Dmitrov highway.

However, not all settlements are built on such a business scheme. Feature of the club building of settlements in Russia - that it's often not so much business for the sake of business, and business, for pleasure. Most often, the developers of such projects are themselves fans of elite sports (golf, yathy, polo) and begin to create an environment and platform for their own pastime. Resort Pirogovo, in particular, has grown from a yacht club, around which the construction of housing for its members. There is a third option: there is already infrastructure in the existing residential development. Thus, the golf club «Agalarov Golf & Country Club» rose in the scale of country settlement «Agalarov Estate».


Basis for building settlements club - golf, yachting and polo clubs. But it's summer sports. The question arose - what sports club offers camps during the winter? It turned out that all offer year-round sports activity. For example, the resort Pirogovo ready to provide opportunities for many winter sport fun: buerny sport, cross country skiing, golf simulator, weekly competitions in hockey, skating and horseback riding, winter held the theoretical lessons of sailing. "Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club, despite the fact that is known primarily as a golf and polo club, has grown from a ski resort in the" Golf and Yacht Club Pestovo in the winter you can ride a snowmobile. And in «Agalarov Golf & Country Club» planning a winter and golf - told about plans Ekaterina Kuzmina, Managing Agalarov Estate.


Irina Kalinina, head of the suburban real estate company «Tweed» emphasizes: "Many of our clients first ask the question:" And what in this town will deal with my children? ". All roundtable participants agreed on the fact that infrastructure is especially important for buyers with children. Moreover, it was not so much about the classic children's leisure as a way to entertain children in a country village, but about elite sports (golf, polo, yacht), the occupation of which is formed around a particular child's social circle. As noted by Vadim Praca, buying memberships in private clubs - is "buying the future for the children." Thus, in Pirogovo there sailing schools for children age 7 and Children's golf academy with 8 years of age. In "Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club" children's project is in development. But we know that there will teach not only the children of club members, but also gifted children "from outside". And this is important, given that private settlements are usually small and they are often not enough children of the same age (roughly: a village of 40 homes - about 10 children the same age group).

This topic is logically resulted in another discussion:

CLOSED Holiday Villages

Locked clubs led to intense debate. Villages club type designed for a small number of houses, chamber - one of the key advantages of. On one side was said that "closed" towns - their considerable advantage. In particular, Timur Saifutdinov, managing director of the department of residential real estate company «Blackwood», remarked that if we make the infrastructure of the club is open to all villages, it will reduce the number of potential buyers in these towns: why buy when you can just come to the sports clubs. On the other hand, excessive secrecy of settlements is fraught with a lack of social protection, particularly for children and adolescents. Elena Pervakov, managing partner of «Soho Estate» commented that it is important to find a compromise between "open" and "closed" club.


The roundtable participants agreed that, for most people, a house in the village is not the only club and is seen as a place to relax and not for permanent residence. Therefore, a certain distance from the city, even welcome, here, primarily important in the atmosphere and the environment. In the question - to what extent the elite settlement can be removed, all participants were unanimous - no more than 50-60 km from Moscow, because of the difficult situation on the roads. Feature of towns-resorts of the highest class is that they are willing to offer their customers more types of transport, which sometimes allows to solve the problem of Moscow's traffic jams. So, to all the towns-resorts can be reached by helicopter, and to Pirogovo can also swim on a boat from the pier in the Royal Bar and Country Park, CSK Navy, and the spa has its own boat, ready to deliver the inhabitants of the village.


In connection with the talk that the club house in the villages are seen primarily as a home for the rest of country, not the primary residence, the question arose about the image and style of architecture of villages, as well as the choice of materials of construction. Many of the participants agreed on the fact that in this case is more suitable tree. Head of suburban real estate company «Tweed» Irina Kalinina said: "property in the village-style resort - is not the first housing, a" problem ". Cottage - this tree. " Alex Artemiev, Head of suburban real estate company «Kalinka Realty» continued associative array: "We are talking about rest, relaxation - this tree." Agreed with them and Vadim Praca, managing director of the club "Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club: Golf - it's nature. Wood is nature. " However, there were contrasting points of view - Timur Saifutdinov, managing director of the department of residential real estate company «Blackwood» did not approve the choice of wood as a primary building material, when it comes to really expensive real estate.

Summed up the theme of building materials Maxim Sukhar'kov, director of resort sales Pirogovo companies "GUTA - Development:" We have no restrictions: wood or stone, the main thing - the house is inscribed in the environment. "

Want to summarize the words of Irina Kalinina: "Getting into villages, resorts, the powers that see themselves in a camp evaluation. All divided by the area, but no fences, wooden buildings, leisure-time activities - golf coach, a coach on sailing ... People are buying the perfect childhood - for themselves and their children. "
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