Individual cottages and low-rise construction

25.06.2010 16:55
Was the theme of the conference, held June 24 at the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. A report on the state of the industry and ways to overcome the crisis was made by Ivan Saliy - Adviser to the Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine.

The construction industry in Ukraine is still looking for post-crisis development model. Builders until the past problems of shadow processes, credit and construction sites shut down (January 1, 2010 12.1 million (63.8%) of construction projects suspended or inhibited.
The state and the market has not yet been able to offer an efficient, effective, moral and transparent model of a healthy public-private partnership. For 5 months of 2010 the volume of construction work decreased by 20% compared with 5 months of 2009, and to the corresponding period of 2008 fall of more than 60%.

There are good signals: the beginning of some funding from the State budget, active government and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine, energetic management decisions are made at the facilities of Euro 2012.

Participants of the conference is considered one of the main directions of the revival of the construction industry in Ukraine there ENHANCED MASS PERSONAL, Cottage and low-rise building, which has the following advantages:
- Significantly cheaper than the construction and operation;
- Smaller of material;
- Short construction time;
- An investor, it often is, and the developer, protected from fraud;
- The owner of a recreational land maintenance;
- Extensive use of local building materials;
- Simplified application of energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

Inherent to Ukrainian citizens desire to have their own housing is realized even today, when the government does not have any solutions to encourage low-rise and individual building, but only records the building and reports.

Under the new statistical reporting in the I quarter of 2010, a significant proportion (44,4% of total) of housing put into operation in accordance with the interim order of admission to the operation of the completed construction of private houses farmsteads, cottages and houses with farm buildings and buildings constructed without a permit for construction works approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 09.09.2009, № 1035.

Volumes of housing in urban areas compared with the corresponding period last year decreased by 3.9% in rural areas grew by 78.2%. Specific gravity introduced in rural housing has grown to 34,3% against 22,0% in the I quarter of 2009.

The conference participants turned to the political leadership of the State, the deputies of all levels, political parties and public organizations to recognize that individual and cottage home is a dream not only of active business and political elite of large towns and cities, but every Ukrainian.
recognized as one of the main priorities in the area of ??housing - low-rise and individual. Change the structure of the housing policy of high-rises and skyscrapers in favor of low-rise, cottage and self-development, including social and affordable, service and rental housing;
politically defined, that every citizen can actually get the site for housing for free, with engineering training, as his time was sold the right to land for gardening. Such sites are allocated for free, without any right to resell to the right of redemption (USA);
significantly to finalize and adopt the Law "On the construction of affordable housing," the deletion of the lobbying interests;
finalize and adopt the Law "On public-private partnership", in which lay the mechanism for payment of rent, public servants and governments;
develop and adopt a law on construction savings banks. These tickets are already working in developed countries, it will raise funds for construction.
Participants of the conference call from the Government, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine:
initiate the development of national, regional and local programs, "the mass construction of individual and low-rise housing for all citizens, beneficiaries and waiting inclusive;
provide incentives for low-rise and individual building;
determine the standards of individual social and affordable housing;
Budgetary resources are allocated not only for the completion, as infrastructure and site preparation of low-rise and individual development;
promote energy efficient technologies and industrial methods of rapid and low-rise private housing;
Building a Savings Holding Budoschadholding "involving Oschadbanka, management of capital construction of regions, cities and individual departments. Such a structure in all regions take on a construction site for low-rise, cottage construction and conduct engineering training, conduct tenders of contract and delivery of energy-efficient materials and designs.

Based on this chapter of regional and district administrations, municipal, township and village heads should:
revise master plans, plans for detailed planning, urban zoning, to allocate investment sites of low-rise complex, individually and cottage development;
reconsider the appointment target, pre-decision not to wait 8-10 years of construction on allocated sites high-rise buildings, and reducing altitude quickly impose a business turnover of land already allocated, or even free;
create objects of transport, social and engineering infrastructure for the promotion of individual investors and low-rise buildings;
create a building clusters, cooperatives, to protect the interests of investors, to raise the level of trust in government, banks and builders.

Ivan Nikolayevich turned to portfolio investors, developers, builders and manufacturers of building materials: "Make accessible and transparent cost - and the industry itself is a healthier, power, society and overcome the crisis. Maintain public monitoring of quality and price, guarantees durability and efficiency of buildings and not unreasonably low prices. "
Victor Kovalenko
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