Indian billionaire built a 27-storey building

26.10.2010 06:00
The Indian city of Mumbai, built the world`s largest private house. The mansion is 27 floors high (173 meters) and a total area of 37,000 square meters. m belongs to the richest Indian Mukesh Ambani, reports

Ambani with his relatives should move to a new home at the end of October 2010, the family will serve 600 people.

For the building took seven years. In addition to numerous bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms in the house there are nine lifts, 6-story garage for 160 cars, exhibition hall, a mini-theater, several bars and "green zones", wrote On the roof there are three helipads. Total number of rooms in the building is unknown, but it certainly is huge.

The mansion is named "Antilia" - in honor of a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. It is worth noting that the house was also the most expensive private residential object world. Its construction, according to various estimates, at a cost of between $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion
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