Independent Environmental Assessment (Part 1)

15.02.2010 10:23
Moving is often considered sufficient solution pro lems of ecological environmental friendliness "living space, and the choice of future place of residence of people are usually limited to a cursory inspection of the area in which certify the availability of forest and lake, as well as udalennos ty of cottage industries and the major trans tailors arteries. Explaining this situation, many of the specialists refer to the bottom of the cue level of public awareness of issues of environmental impacts, methodological and sanitation Gigi enicheskoy security. In our opinion, this is not so. Today is an absolute major ity of people have the level of knowledge sufficient for PRA Vilna raising issues related to the ecology of life dimensional space. For example, they understand that when choosing the site for cottage Straw itelstvo important not only its appearance but also other first regular parameters, such as:
  •   Environmental History of the site: perhaps a few decades ago his months are located dumping of solid waste or landfill organochlorine Farming skohozyaystvennyh drugs;
  •   Information about the environmental ethical maps of areas that will provide tion of submission of the state of the environment, in particular the pollution of air, water, soil, and the sources of such contamination tion (dumps, cemeteries, hazardous industries, trans tailors overpass).

In addition, people are beautiful but are aware of the opportu ty appearance of objects with errors in the calculations and Kami lay constructed with violations of construction technology and the use of a bot ra nekaches idents or counterfeit construction and finishing materials.

These aspects form an unfavorable internal environment that expressed ues in the chemical and / or bacteriological contamination nenii indoor air at elevated levels of radiation, electromagnetic radiation and noise, the presence of dangerous radio frequencies. On the harm being nyaemom each of these factors to human body, there are many access GOVERNMENTAL materials. Suffice it to say that the pollution of the spirit of the WHO because of substandard construction materials contributes time Development Board of allergies, respiratory ailments and heart by in cardiovascular systems, the weakening of immunity.

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Certainly, listed WIDE factors could equally be present in the first and the urban apartment and office space located within the city. Niya regrettably, there is a perception that if an office or apartment is located in the city limits, and especially near the industrial zone, to address the problems of its ecological security ti think is useless. In practice, however, that this is not the case. After localization vnutrizhilischnyh (office) risk areas can hold a number of inexpensive and you sokoeffektivnyh activi ty, significantly reducing the negative impact of both external and internal sources of contamination of environment. We are confident that the problem is primarily due to lack of public instruments, you must go for a reliable deter PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE yaniya ecological status of the property (cottage, apartment, office). This is the toolkit behalf of the independent environmental assessment, the company offers its customers "Spano".

Integrated envi some survey (May independent environmental impact assessment) is conducted to obtain an objective picture of yaniya status of the property, identifying its possible health risks Liu Dei. The survey sug proposes an optimal set of measurements and analysis parameters moat of the property to be selected individually and includes ethical chemical and microbiological analysis of air, water and soil, radiological measurements to the assessment of gamma radiation and radon EROA, measuring electric electromagnetic field, as well as the level of radio frequencies , noise and vibration. Primary surveyed Dovanna object nedvizhimos ty, carried out by the company "Spano, can generate a list of parameters to voice predicated. Analysis of parameters is performed using certified GOVERNMENTAL techniques and devices. According to results issued by eq spertnoe conclusion that in case of non otde lnyh parameters of accepted norms include technical recommendations to address discrepancies. In the case of matching the parameters of volume of draft property requirements yam sanitation, construction and environmental standards it issued environ cal certificate.

Fundamental to the draft documents, causing the order of similar works, is Article 50 of the Con merits of the Constitution of Ukraine, which states: "Everyone has the right to secure the lives and health of the environment and to recover tion caused a violation of this law damages. Everyone is guaranteed the right of free access to educational etsya pa to information about the state of the environment, the quality of food and comrade of the objects of everyday life, as well as the right to disseminating the formation of such Institute. Such information no one can be spotted rechena. The company "Spano" bases its activities on the principles of voluntarism and on the basis of Articles 16 and 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Denia confirm responsibility" de klariruet correspondence about its environmental review led by the current acting laws, have full responsibility for Evidence lenie inaccurate data. Quality assurance work Obus fishing using scientifically-based, approved methods of objects is the survey, using certification photoinduced equipment and the presence of our highly distilled staff. The strategy logically partner is the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. AM Marzeeva
(To be continued.)

Alexander Malicki, director of "Spano"
Svetlana Nesterenko, Project Manager
"Independent Ecological Expertise"

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