In which countries is more profitable to rent housing to rent?

19.03.2012 01:15
Articles about real estate | In which countries is more profitable to rent housing to rent? The capital of Macedonia Skopje recognized as the most attractive in terms of investments, the city. This is where investors will get the best value for money accommodation with an income from rent and the total profit after tax. The worst place for such investment was in London.

According to portal Euromag referring to the real estate agency EVANS, in the capital Skopje, buying the 120-meter home will cost approximately € 127 thousand monthly rent to the owner will bring almost 800 euros, or 7.38% per annum. In Macedonia, was one of the lowest in Europe, taxes on income from the lease - only 7% (less only in Prague and Copenhagen), which is the sum of profits raised Skopje in the first place ranking.

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In second place was Kiev. The capital of Ukraine, "summed up the" high tax - 15%. If we look only at the Kiev profit (the price of apartments - 337 thousand euros, a monthly income from rent - 2550 euro), then the city would be ahead in the ranking of Skopje, as the pre-tax profit of more than 9% per annum.

"Bronze" departed Zagreb. The apartment here would cost € 266 thousand, and the monthly rental income of about € 1250 (5.6% per annum). But the tax is 10.5% of the profits will select.

Following the Zagreb is the capital of Belgium Brussels, where buyers who will be able to count on pre-tax profit of 5.3% (the price of housing - 317.5 thousand euros, a monthly income - 1,400 euros). Take such a high tax help line to Brussels, which was one of the most benign - just over 9% (less only in Prague, Copenhagen and Skopje).

According to the rating, the most profitable home purchase in order to generate income from renting it out to be in the capitals of Eastern Europe. For example, take the middle of dozens of Bucharest, follow him: for Istanbul, Sofia, Budapest and Belgrade on the ninth line.

Closes ten city with one of the lowest taxes on rent - Copenhagen. For housing in the capital of Denmark will have to pay 515 thousand euros per month, it will bring about 1,900 euros, which represents only 4.42% per annum. But the tax is 5.48% allowed Copenhagen to get into the top ten.

Following the Danish capital is followed by Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Prague. The worst cities for investment buy-to-let found in Berlin, Zurich, Ljubljana and London. For example, buying an apartment in Berlin for 433 thousand euros, the owner will be able to count on the monthly income of only 1590 euro. In this case the tax on income from renting in the German capital is 16%.

But the Swiss Zurich on the level of profitability would take a fifth place ranking at all, because buying a home in this city would pay the owner of almost 7% per annum. But the huge tax of 48.5% lowered the Swiss city at the end of the list.

A similar situation in the Slovenian capital - with pretax profit of 4% per year homeowner in Ljubljana, 25% of income will be given to the State as a tax.

London was the worst city for investment buy-to-let. The enormous cost of housing - 2.6 million euros - will earn only 3% per annum (monthly rental income - 7.8 thousand euros). However, the tax is 32% actually eat all the profits from investments.
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