In what real estate is worth investing in a crisis?

13.01.2011 13:12
Articles about real estate | In what real estate is worth investing in a crisis? Invest in real estate is rapidly desheveyuschuyu seemingly unattractive occupation and strange. However, currencies and equities show even greater propensity for sudden turns and instability. So, it makes sense to return to familiar tools. But treat them with great passion.

Buy land, it is no longer produced!

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This famous aphorism by Mark Twain may well become a guide for investors in times of crisis. While the hryvnia and the euro does not inspire confidence in their own safety, land remains a safe investment of own funds. True, only if the documents it correctly issued. So, not all land in the territory

Ukraine may be transferred to private ownership, and before you buy would be nice to see a list of restrictions - and there the land of forests, and lands adjacent to water areas, and agricultural land.

However, if the documents are in order, and the investments planned for the long-term (as in the short term to implement successfully purchased unlikely), then the purchase can be quite worthwhile. Well, in case of dire need, we can go on subsistence farming and land use in the garden to, writes Residential Real Estate.

Property Abroad

Property in those countries where the crisis had not yet sunk, or in those where it has already corrected the price on it, too, can become quite a good investment. No wonder that economists say that the development of the market is always cyclical, and for any downturn should be increased?

This means that by buying at today's real estate downturn in the U.S. or the UK, you will be able to implement it in 5-7 years after the end of this economic cycle, with a good profit. In addition, you can simply change the climate and the economic situation and wait out the financial avalanche somewhere in the village on the Mediterranean Sea. Again, the roosters and subsistence farming will be an excellent entertainment at a time of crisis, and will save on the products.

Always cheaper in price

If you still subsistence farming and long-term investment you are not enticing, you can always make money by buying the cheapest housing: to him in the capital of a consistently high demand. "Odnushki" at the extreme subway stations in demand for exchanges, to buy visitors who wish to obtain a residence permit, there are separated from their parents young families ...

In short, it would offer and the demand exists. To sell such an apartment is almost always possible to quickly and profitably. Even though the market effective demand will freeze, the market for alternatives, urge family situations, will exist, and these apartments will be in demand. At this might try to play by the investor.

Expensive expensive

A good investment can be called and other extreme real estate market - exclusive projects worth several million dollars. As a rule, to such heights is not getting none of the crisis. Thus, even in the U.S. today penthouse in Manhattan is worth $ 64 million.

Similarly, and an apartment overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 10 rooms with the repair of a famous designer has dropped in price, no matter what happens with the market as a whole. Such objects as if outside the market, regardless of the laws and there according to its own rules. However, in order to successfully play in this market, these rules also need to know.

Buy with caution

However, the main rule of any investor - is a thorough examination of all documents for the purchase. For example, when investing in new construction, must be borne in mind that the least risky are the maximum the completed facility - they are less likely to be frozen, even in times of crisis. The optimal degree of readiness of the object - 75-80%.

It is also important to apartments not sold on the gray schemes, but under the law on joint construction. If you observe, and financial, and legal care, as well as firmly assess their risks and are ready for long-term investment, even a crisis does not interfere with your successful financial performance in the real estate market.
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