In Ukraine the land monopolist

09.09.2008 00:00
Officials say that in this way will be fighting the loss of forms and the machinations of the market. Experts believe that such monopolization will only prolong the time required to process documents. SLC announced on August 31 the amendments to the "Instruction on the procedure for drafting, issuing, recording and storing the state acts on the ownership of the land and the right of permanent use of land and leases the land", adopted on 15 iyulya.V Chief Land Office countries argue that the exclusive role TSGZK will not only reduce errors that are allowed during the filling of state acts, but also shorten the procedure of registration, issuance and registration of these documents. And most importantly - to strengthen state control over the handling of unfilled (clean) blankov.Odnako turns out that TSGZK locked on his entire procedure to obtain ownership or land use. Previously people to choose their own land management organization that is engaged in registration and the registration of their state certificate in TSGZK. The lion's share of works by such organizations took no paperwork after privatization, namely the renewal rights to the land after the sale. As a rule, the deadline for receipt of a new state certificate takes several months, but often delayed the registration itself in TSGZK. The main reasons, which are called by officials - lack of forms or the lack of people, especially in the regions. So the lawyers are always advised to apply to an organization that helps "speed up the process." According to the lawyer and partner of law firm Ilyashev & Partners Maxim Kopeychikova, transfer functions, only one TSGZK will block the normal operation of the market: "In one of the district centers of the SLC in May we were told that the design of state certificate will take six months. And it worked when all other land management organizations. You can imagine how drawn out as possible. On the other hand, working with strict reporting forms should be controlled by the state. " According to him, SLC returned to the editorial board of the Instruction on the order of drawing, issuing, recording and storing the state acts ... "from 2001" Then all those involved in design only TSGZK. This return to the past "- added Mr. Kopeychikov. "There are 3 thousand enterprises that have a license for such work. It will now be one with a much smaller number of branches - said chairman of the association "Land Union of Ukraine" Nikolay Kalyuzhny .- In fact, this monopolization of the work of one structure. " On condition of anonymity, many companies involved in the paperwork on the ground, saying that the procedure of state certificate of registration becomes more vzyatkoemkoy. Especially before the impending abolition of the moratorium on sale of farmland.
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